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News and Communications Services

K-State Media Guide - K Topics

Kansas geography
Charles Martin, 785-532-3416, cwmgeog@k-state.edu

Kansas history
James Sherow, 785-532-0375, jsherow@k-state.edu

Kansa (Kaw) Indian early history
Lauren Ritterbush, 785-532-6828, lritterb@k-state.edu

Kansas water supply and water policy

Danny Rogers, 785-532-2933, drogers@bae.ksu.edu

Kansas woodlands
Charlie Barden, 785-532-1444, cbarden@k-state.edu

Kidney disease/failure in pets
Gregory Grauer, 785-532-4875, ggrauer@vet.k-state.edu

Knowledge management
James Bloodgood, 785-532-3711, jblood@k-state.edu