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K-State News

Topics and Experts

D topics

Dairy productionand health
Gregg Hanzlicek, 785-532-4853, gahanz@vet.k-state.edu

Damage detection
Asad Esmaeily, 785-532-6063, asad@k-state.edu

Database application development
Tom Mertz, 785-826-2602, tmertz@k-state.edu

Data communications
Don Gruenbacher, 785-532-4692, grue@k-state.edu

Data envelopment analysis
Ike Ehie, 785-532-6935, iehie@k-state.edu

Data mining
Bongsug Chae, 785-532-3185, bchae@k-state.edu

Data systems communication
Michael Chilton, 785-532-4357, mchilton@k-state.edu

Dating violence
Sandra Stith, 785-532-4377, sstith@k-state.edu

Day care
Bronwyn Fees, 785-532-1476, fees@k-state.edu

Death and dying in history
Albert Hamscher, 785-532-0436, aham@k-state.edu

Decisions in interpersonal relationships
Gary Brase, 785-532-0609, gbrase@k-state.edu

Demography/population trends
László Kulcsár, 785-532-4959, kulscar@k-state.edu

Design, assessment of micronutrient-fortified blended foods from different commodities
Brian Lindshield, 785-532-7848, blindsh@k-state.edu

Vladimir Krstic, 785-532-1114, vkrstic@k-state.edu

Design and processing ofintegrated circuits
Andrew Rys, 785-532-4665, andrys@k-state.edu

Design of light detectorsand sources
Andrew Rys, 785-532-4665, andrys@k-state.edu

Design through research or practice-based research
Sherry Haar, 785-532-1309, haar@k-state.edu

Developing countries, economics of
Wayne Nafziger, 785-532-4579, nafwayne@k-state.edu

Development and evaluation of protective clothing
Elizabeth McCullough, 785-532-2284, lizm@k-state.edu

Development and evaluation of sleeping bags
Elizabeth McCullough, 785-532-2284, lizm@k-state.edu

Diabetes and exercise
Mark Haub, 785-313-7430, haub@k-state.edu  

Diabetes and food
Mark Haub, 785-520-3330, haub@k-state.edu

Diabetes mellitus
Thomas Schermerhorn, 785-532-4599, tschermer@k-state.edu

Diagnostic imaging of animals
David Biller, 785-532-5690, biller@vet.k-state.edu

Diagnostic medicineand pathobiology
Kelli Almes, 785-532-3995, kalmes@vet.k-state.edu

Dietary calorie restriction
Weiqun "George" Wang, 785-532-0153, wwang@k-state.edu

Dietary fiber
Mark Haub, 785-520-3330, haub@k-state.edu

Dietetics education
Rebecca Gould, 785-532-2298, ragou@k-state.edu
Kevin Sauer, 785-532-5581, ksauer@k-state.edu

Different numerical formats, how people understand them
Gary Brase, 785-532-0609, gbrase@k-state.edu

Digital design
Don Gruenbacher, 785-532-4692, grue@k-state.edu

Digital hardware design
John Devore, 785-532-4648, jdevore@k-state.edu

Digital image processing,instrumentation
John Devore, 785-532-4648, jdevore@k-state.ed

Digital media
Bill Genereux, 785-826-2927, billgx@k-state.edu

Digital pathology anddigitized imaging
Jamie Henningson, 785-532-4129, jnb8752@vet.k-state.edu

Discrete event computer simulation
Roger McHaney, 785-532-7479, mchaney@k-state.edu

Discrete optimization
Todd Easton, 785-532-3478, teaston@k-state.edu

Diseases of corn
Douglas Jardine, 785-532-1386, jardine@k-state.edu

Disease of horticultural plants
Megan Kennelly, 785-532-1387, kennelly@k-state.edu

Disease predictions
Erick Dewolf, 785-532-3968, dewolf1@k-state.edu

Dispute resolution
Charles Griffin, 785-532-2025, cgriffin@k-state.edu

Distance learning
Rebecca Gould, 785-532-2298, ragou@k-state.edu

Distribution automation
Anil Pahwa, 785-532-4654, pahwa@k-state.edu

Distribution system planning and analysis
Anil Pahwa, 785-532-4654, pahwa@k-state.edu
Punit Prakash, 785-532-3358, prakashp@k-state.edu

Diversity, issues
Anita Rae Cortez, 785-532-5864, cortez@k-state.edu

Mindy Markham, 785-826-2929, mmarkham@k-state.edu

Divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies
David Thompson, 785-532-1941, davidt@k-state.edu

Dogs, arthritis in
James K. Roush, 785-532-4134, roushjk@vet.k-state.edu

Dogs, cancer diagnosis and treatment
Mary Lynn Higginbotham, 785-532-5690, mhigginb@vet.k-state.edu

Dogs, urinary tract health
Gregory Grauer, 785-532-4875, ggrauer@vet.k-state.edu

Dr. Seuss
Philip Nel, 785-532-2165, philnel@k-state