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Kansas State Polytechnic Experts

Engineering technology

Tim Bower: Unix Systems Administration, networking

Raju Dandu: CE Certification, CadCam, industrial automation, energy efficiency, reliability centered maintenance

Bill Genereux: Networking, web development, digital multi-media

Troy Harding: Computer networking and web development

Saeed Khan: Telecommunications, unmanned aerial systems, GPS receivers, antennas

Les Kinsler: Software engineering/computer programming

Thomas Mertz: Software development, object-oriented design

Julia Morse: Manufacturing systems, computer-aided design (CAD), automation, CNC

Ed Plett: Instrumentation, digital signal processing, motor control

Aaron Westerman: Analog electronics, communications, Papps, embedded programming


Raylene Alexander: Aviation maintenance, avionics, aviation management, and safety

Kurt Barnhart: Aviation safety, human factors, unmanned aerial systems

Troy Brockway: Transportation pilot, mountain flying, mechanical engineering

Bill Gross: Transportation pilot, pilot examiner

George Hiechel: Hydraulics, electrical systems

Hugh Irvin: Flight and ground instruction

Michael Most: Unmanned aircraft systems

Scott Nichols: Military aviation (helicopter), transportation pilot

Eric Shappee: Safety, Civil Air Patrol, flight, ground and academic instruction

Andrew Smith: Aviation maintenance and related FAA guidance

Jimmy Splichal: Military aviation (helicopter), air ambulance, academic instruction

Arts, sciences and business

Pat Ackerman: Writing, grants, service leadership

David Ahlvers: Accounting, taxes

Kathy Brockway: Financial and managerial accounting

Judy Collins: Tech writing

Becky DeGreeff: Communications and rhetoric

Fred Guzek: Marketing

Siny Joseph, Siny: Economics

Kaleen Knopp: Technical writing

Joel Matthews: Psychology

Jung Oh: Chemistry

Greg Stephens: Supervisory management

Richard Zajac: Simulations/physics modeling

Family studies and human services

Melinda "Mindy" Markham: Post-divorce relationships, parent-child relationships, gender relations within families

Social work

Kate Behan: Social work

David Norlin: Social work

Contact information

Kansas State Polytechnic/College of Technology and Aviation, 2310 Centennial Road, Salina, KS 67401, http://www.polytechnic.k-state.edu

CEO and Dean: Verna Fitzsimmons, 785-826-2601, vfitzsimmons@k-state.edu

Engineering technology: Mark Jackson, department head, 785-826-7197, mjjackson@k-state.edu

Aviation: Eric Shappee, acting department head and professional pilot program lead, 785-826-2630, wjfpmd@k-state.edu

Arts, science and business: Don Von Bergen, department head, 785-826-2696, dvb@k-state.edu

Professional education and outreach: Danielle Brown, director, 785-826-2649, dnbrown@k-state.edu

Development/alumni: Amy Cole, 785-826-2609, amyc@found.ksu.edu

Communications: Julee Cobb, 785-826-2642, julee@.k-state.edu