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Praveen Vadlani

Gary and Betty Lortscher associate professor of renewable energy
Associate professor of grain science and industry

Praveen VadlaniA biochemical engineer, Praveen Vadlani's research interests include bioprocess science and engineering, fermentation, bioconversion of renewable resources to useful produces, applied biochemistry and metabolic engineering, bioprocess optimization and development, and bioprocess technology development.

More specifically, working at K-State's Bioprocessing Industrial Value Added Products facility, Vadlani seeks to develop valued-added products from agricultural resources and biofuels industry byproducts.

Distillers grains can be used as a partial replacement for corn and other feed grains fed to cattle. Part of Vadlani's research looks at ways to make the distillers grains even more nutritious, through a secondary fermentation process he developed, and to increase the variety of livestock that can eat it. He also studies ways to make advanced biofuels more eco-friendly, including the development of chemicals from biomass and cereal grains to replace those made from nonrenewable petroleum sources. This research in cellulosic ethanol also is through K-State's Center for Sustainable Energy.

In addition, Vadlani is a member of a K-State research team for a biofuels proof of concept study on producing cellulosic ethanol from pelleted forage crops. Vadlani's role in the study, supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Section, is to find ways to convert biomass pellets into ethanol.

Vadlani joined K-State in 2007 after serving five years as principal research scientist-fermentation products at AgRenew Inc. in Manhattan. He also was a research associate in the Biomass Pilot Plant of the department of chemical engineering at Texas A&M University, and a research officer for fermentation at SPIC Pharmaceuticals in Chennai, India. Vadlani earned his bachelor's in chemical engineering from NITK in Surathkal, India, and his master's and doctorate in biochemical engineering and biotechnology from IIT in Delhi, India.

He can be contacted at 785-532-5012 or vadlani@k-state.edu.