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Keith B. Miller

Research assistant professor of geology

Keith B. Miller

Keith B. Miller, research assistant professor of geology at Kansas State University, is a frequently sought-after source to address common misconceptions about the nature and content of science. He argues that widely held erroneous views about science have played important roles in polarizing the public debates over such topics as biological evolution and climate change, both in Kansas and nationally.

For many people, evolution and religious faith are seen as being in conflict. Miller, however, has been a strong advocate for teaching that science is a limited endeavor confined to investigating natural processes and is not in conflict with faith. He says evolutionary theory is a central unifying theory overwhelmingly accepted by the scientific community and its accurate teaching is important to quality science education.

Miller is the author of "Perspectives on an Evolving Creation," a compilation of essays on the interaction between Christian faith and evolutionary theory. He also has published numerous articles on the nature of science, the teaching of the historical sciences and the relationship between science and religious faith. 

Miller has given many public lectures in Kansas and nationally on the fossil record and the creation/evolution debate in various contexts. He has also spoken on topics related to climate change, emphasizing both the basis for the current scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming and the need to understand long-term geological patterns and causes.

Miller received a bachelor's degree in geology from Franklin & Marshall College in 1978. He received his master's degree in geology from the University of New York at Binghamton in 1982 and his doctorate in geology from the University of Rochester in 1988.  Miller came to K-State as a postdoctoral research associate in 1990 and was promoted to research assistant professor in fall 1995.

Since coming to Kansas, Miller’s geology research has focused on marine paleoecology, and on sea level and climate change within the Pennsylvanian and Permian of Kansas. He is a co-author with Ronald West and Lynn Watney of “The Permian System in Kansas,” a new comprehensive summary of Permian geology, published by the Kansas Geological Survey.

He can be contacted at 785-532-2250 or kbmill@k-state.edu.