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Duy Hua

University distinguished professor of chemistry

Duy HuaDuy Hua, university distinguished professor of chemistry, has been active as a researcher, teacher and mentor to undergraduates and graduate students. He has trained more than 60 graduate students and a number of undergraduate researchers, postdoctoral fellows and research assistants.

Hua's research interests include natural product synthesis; the development of new methodology for chiral induction; studies of bio-based polymers; and the synthesis of bioactive molecules, including anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-Alzheimer's agents. He has been the lead investigator or co-leader on extramural research grants exceeding $5 million. He has authored or co-authored more than 150 scientific articles, and he and his colleagues have been awarded five U.S. patents.

He also has lectured on his work across the world and has served as a visiting professor at the University of Kyoto and Tokushima University, both in Japan, and at the University of Strasbourg in France.

His honors include receiving the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship in 1989; a Research Opportunity Award in 1995 from the Research Corporation, a private foundation that supports advancement of research in the physical sciences; and the Segebrecht Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award from K-State's department of chemistry in 2000. He received the 2004-2005 Commerce Bank Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award.

He also received the 2004 Alumni Achievement Award from Southern Illinois University. He was selected to present lectures at two prestigious international symposiums, one in 2001 in Taiwan, and another in 2002 in Mexico. Hua joined K-State in 1982 and was promoted to full professor in 1991.

He received a bachelor's degree from Kyoto University and his doctorate from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He also conducted postdoctoral research at Harvard University for two years.

Hua can be reached at 785-532-6699, 785-532-6664 or duy@k-state.edu.

Pronouncer: Duy Hua is Dewey Whah