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David A. Graff

Associate professor of history

David A. Graff is an associate professor of history and a faculty member of the Institute of Military History and 20th Century Studies at K-State. Graff specializes in military history and Chinese and Japanese history.

Among his publications are "Fang Guan's Chariots" for the journal Asia Major and "The Sword and the Brush: Military Specialization and Career Patterns in Tang China, 618-907" for the journal War and Society. His book "Medieval Chinese Warfare, 300-900" was published by Routledge in 2002. He is also the co-editor of "A Military History of China," which was reissued in an updated edition by the University Press of Kentucky in 2012.

Graff, who joined K-State in 1998, earned a doctorate from Princeton University. His projects include a translation of a medieval Chinese military manual, a book comparing Chinese and Byzantine military practice in the seventh century, and a book on the founding of the Tang dynasty. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Chinese Military History, a semiannual that began publication in 2012.

Graff can be contacted at 785-532-0366 or dgraff@k-state.edu.

See his homepage here.