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Duane Davis

Professor of animal sciences and industry

Duane Davis, professor of animal sciences and industry at Kansas State University, has made important contributions to the understanding of the physiology of early pregnancy in pigs. He co-discovered umbilical cord matrix stem cells in 2000 and his lab is actively investigating the biotechnological applications of these cells.

Since the discovery at K-State, many other researchers around the world are studying the umbilical cord cells and published reports verifying their potential for biomedicine and biotechnology are abundant.

Davis' interest in stem cells builds on his career-long work with embryos and pregnancy. He is director of the graduate certificate program in stem cell biotechnology and a founding fellow of the Midwest Institute for Comparative Stem Cell Biology. He led development of the bioscience/biotechnology option for majors in the department of animal sciences and industry and is responsible for the Swine Teaching and Research Unit at Kansas State.

Davis is co-founder of the Billy N. Day Appreciation Club, an associated annual symposium in the American Society of Animal Science. The club sponsors an annual half-day symposium that brings the foremost experts from academia, government and industry to present their current research and expertise on topics in swine reproductive physiology. He is also a member of the American Society of Animal Science, Society for the Study of Reproduction and the American Society for the Advancement of Science.

Davis earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in animal science from K-State, and his doctorate in reproductive physiology from the University of Missouri. He joined the K-State faculty in 1977.

Davis can be reached at 785-532-1224 or davis@k-state.edu.