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Kansas State University

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Guihua Bai and Daniel Devlin have been named Fellows by the American Society of Agronomy.

James Shroyer has been named a Fellow by the Crop Science Society of America.

The following K-State faculty members received awards from the Crop Science Society of America at the society's 2010 annual meeting:

Mary Beth Kirkham, Crop Science Research Award.

Jianming Yu, Early Career Professional Award and Young Crop Scientist Award.


Mervi Pakaste presented "The Value of Letterpress in Typographic Education," ATypI: the word, Preface Conference, Sept. 9, Dublin, Ireland.

Nelson Smith presented the exhibition "Distillations," Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery, through Oct. 24, Lindsborg.


Julie Hunt and Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson presented "Catching Students Early: The Holland Code Meets a Resume in Progress," Kansas Academic Advising Network annual conference, Sept. 10, Salina.


James W. Carpenter presented the seminar "African Wildlife and Conservation Medicine," Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, Sept. 14, Salina.

Dan Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and Kansas Agriculture," Osborne County Farm Bureau meeting, Sept. 19, Osborne.

Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and Kansas Agriculture," Republic County Farm Bureau meeting, Sept. 20, Belleville.


Lisa M.B. Harrington published "Hurricane Katrina," Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Communication Vol. 1, ed. S. Priest, Sage Publications.

Richard Marston presented "Geomorphic Impact of Discontinuities in Fluvial Incision, North-Central Kansas," 50th Anniversary Meeting of the British Society for Geomorphology, Sept. 1, London, England.

Max Lu presented "Globalization, Regional Inequality and Rural-Rural Labor Migration in China," and chaired a session at the International Conference on China and the Future of Human Geography, Aug. 26-28, Guangzhou, China.


Matt Brueseke and colleagues presented "Early Miocene Volcanism Along The Southeastern Margin of the HLP and Its Relationship to Regional Tectonomagmatic Processes" and "Progress Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Late Cenozoic Volcanism and Crust-Mantle Evolution in and Adjacent to the Southeastern Portion of the High Lava Plains," High Lava Plains Workshop 2010, Sept. 12, Bend, Ore.


David Wetzel was hosted at the Jefferson National Laboratory, Newport News, VA, by the lab's director in late August to explore the potential of using the powerful free electron laser source there for cooperative optical experiments. Electrons are accelerated to six Gigaelectron volts, and the brightness exceeds that of synchrotron radiation presently accessed by Wetzel and coworkers.


Robert D. Linder presented "Reformation Studies in the Early Twenty-First Century," triennial meeting of the Christian Thought Department of the Australian College of Theology, Sept. 24, Sydney, Australia.


Chengsong Zhu and Jianming Yu, agronomy; Shie-Shien Yang and Weixing Song, statistics; and colleagues published "Variation Explained in Mixed Model Association Mapping," Heredity, Vol. 105.