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Kansas State University

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Guihua Bai
and colleagues published "Control of Dissected Leaf Morphology By a Cys(2)His(2) Zinc Finger Transcription Factor in the Model Legume Medicago Truncatula," Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 107.


Dan Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and Kansas Agriculture," Greeley County Farm Bureau annual meeting, Sept. 1, Tribune.

Thomson presented "Issues on Animal Welfare for the Beef Industry in the United States," Kansas Livestock Association, Sept. 1, Garden City.

Thomson presented "The Animal Rights Movement in the United States," Kansas Livestock Association, Sept. 1, Garden City.

Thomson presented "Benchmarking Feedlot Production Medicine: A Survey of Veterinary Consultant Recommendations for the Health and Well-Being Programs for Feeder Cattle," Alpharma Animal Health Research Day, Sept. 2, Manhattan.

Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and American Agriculture," Chautauqua County Farm Bureau meeting, Sept. 7, Sedan.

Thomson presented a Beef Quality Assurance program for beef producers in the Emporia area, Sept. 10, Emporia.

Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and Kansas Agriculture," Harper County Farm Bureau annual meeting, Aug. 30, Harper.

Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and Kansas Agriculture," Ottawa County Farm Bureau annual meeting, Aug. 28, Minneapolis.

Thomson presented "Animal Welfare and Kansas Agriculture," Allen County Farm Bureau annual meeting, Aug. 27, Iola.


Sally Bailey published "Barrier-Free Theatre," Idyll Arbor, Inc.


Elizabeth Dodd published "The Spoken Wor(l)d," Notre Dame Magazine, Summer 2010.

Dodd was a fellow on Mount Saint Helens through Oregon State University's Spring Creek Project's Long-term Ecological Reflection Program's Field Residencies, July 18-24.

Phillip Marzluf published "Literacy, Home Schooling, and Articulations of the Public and the Private," Community Literacy Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2.

Philip Nel published "Dr. Seuss Biography" and "Timeline,", Aug. 2010.

Donna Potts and colleague published "Collaborative Budgeting," Academe, July/August 2010.

Potts was elected chair of the Assembly of State Conferences, American Association of University Professors.

Joe Sutliff Sanders published "Adolescence: A History of Control," review of "The Modern Age: Turn-of-the-Century American Culture and the Invention of Adolescence" by Kent Baxter, Children's Literature, Vol. 38.

Han Yu published "Developing Technical Communication Education for Chinese Industry Professionals: Preliminary Findings and Suggestions," IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Vol. 53, No. 2.

Wendy Matlock presented "Animal Debates: Chaucer's Parliament of Fowls and Lydgate's The Horse, the Goose, and the Sheep," 17th biennial Congress of the New Chaucer Society, July 15, Siena, Italy.

Karin Westman presented "Art in Harry Potter, Harry Potter in Art," Infinitus 2010, July 16, Orlando, Fla.

Katherine Karlin's short story collection, "Send Me Work," was a semifinalist in the Leap Frog Press fiction contest.


Richard Marston presented "Geomorphic Impact of Discontinuities in Fluvial Incision, North-Central Kansas," 50th Anniversary Meeting of the British Society for Geomorphology, Sept. 1, Royal Geographical Society in London, England.

Marston and colleagues published "Downstream Effects of Urbanization on Stillwater Creek, Oklahoma," Physical Geography, Vol. 31, No. 2.

Marston and colleagues published "Eco-regions and Stream Morphology in Eastern Oklahoma," Geomorphology, Vol. 122, No. 1-2.

Bimal K. Paul published "Human Injuries Caused by Bangladesh's Cyclone Sidr: An Empirical Study," Natural Hazards, Vol. 54.

Paul and student published "Hazard Warnings and Responses to Evacuation Orders: The Case of Bangladesh's Cyclone Sidr," Geographical Review, Vol. 100, No. 3.

Melinda Daniels presented "Sand Dredging Effects on Fishes and Fish Habitat in the Kansas River," U.S. Geological Survey Kansas Water Sciences Center, Lawrence, Kan., August 25, 2010.


Laura Kanost and student presented in Spanish "Service Learning in a Conversation Course in Manhattan, Kansas: Rationale, Methods, Reactions, and Challenges," annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, July 6-9, Guadalajara, Mexico.


Kendra K. McLauchlan, geography; Carolyn Ferguson, Troy Ocheltree and Joe M. Craine, biology; and student published "Thirteen Decades of Foliar Isotopes Indicate Declining Nitrogen Availability in Central North American Grasslands," New Phyologist, Vol. 187, No. 4.

Thomas J. Vought, Jr., Shawn Hutchinson and Robert Daniels, geography; and Leland McKinney, grain science and industry; published "Integrating Wheat Quality Data with Online Mapping to Enhance International Grain Purchases," ESRI Map Book, Vol. 25.

Shawn Hutchinson, geography; Stacy Hutchinson, biological and agricultural engineering; and colleagues presented "Fort Riley ITAM: A New Approach for Monitoring Military Training Land Sustainability," first annual Training Support System Workshop, Aug. 16-20, Chicago, Ill.


Ethan Bernick and colleague published "An Assessment of Journal Quality in Public Administration," International Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 33, No. 2.

Sabri Ciftci published "Modernization, Islam, or Social Capital: What Explains Attitudes Toward Democracy in the Muslim World?" Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 43, No. 11.

Dale R. Herspring published "Is Military Reform in Russia for Real? Yes, But...," The Russian Military Today and Tomorrow: Essays in Memory of Mary Fitzgerald, eds. Stephen Blank and Richard Weitz, Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, Carlisle, Pa.

Krishna K. Tummala published "Political Corruption in India: Coalition Dharma?" International Management Review, Vol. 2, No. 2.

The following faculty members presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Sept. 2-5, Washington, D.C.:

Amanda Murdie, chair and discussant for the panel "Disaggregated and Micro-Scale Evidence in the Study of Insurgency."

Murdie, "There's No Place Like Home: INGO Advocacy and National Origin" and "Shaming Where it Counts: Human Rights INGOs and Foreign Aid."

Stephen Nemeth, "The Effects of Group Competition on Terrorist Violence."


James Shanteau and colleagues published "Assessing Expertise When Performance Exceeds Perfection," Macrocognition Metrics and Scenarios: Design and Evaluation For Real-World Teams, eds. E. S. Patterson and J. E. Miller, Farnham, UK, Ashgate Publishing.


Aaron Carlstrom and colleague published "The Role of Context in Predicting Occupational Prestige of Career Aspirations" and "Predicting Science Career Interests: The Role of Contextual Factors," American Psychological Association annual convention, Aug. 14, San Diego, Calif.