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Kansas State University

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John Unruh was elected to the American Meat Science Association board of directors for 2010-2012. He will also be serving as Reciprocal Meat Conference chair in 2012.


Mick Charney conducted the workshops "Designing Courses the Disney Way: Translating Imagineering Tricks into Teaching Strategies" and with recent graduates, "Looking for Mr. Wright ... and Finding Him on Facebook," 35th Annual Improving University Teaching International Conference, July 2-3, Washington, D.C.


Jeroen Roelofs published "Assembly, Structure and Function of the 26S Proteasome," Trends in Cell Biology, Vol. 20, No. 7.


Florence Neymotin presented "Immigrant Enclaves and the Success of Entrepreneurial Ventures" and "Giving, and the Nature of Communities: An Analysis of How Community Characteristics Affect an Individual's Likelihood of Engaging in Volunteer Work," Western Economics Association International Conference, June 29-July 3, Portland, Ore.


The following K-State faculty presented at the Children’s Literature Association Conference, June 11, Ann Arbor, Mich.:

Philip Nel, "Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss," panel on "Writing a Biography of a Children's Author."

Anne Phillips, "Imag(in)ing the Garden: Illustrators' Interpretations of Burnett's Classic Novel."

Karin Westman, "Story, Book, Imagination: The Mediating Metafictions of J.K. Rowling and Terry Prachett."

Naomi Wood, "Restoring Normative Childhood Discourses: Learning from India."


The following K-State faculty members presented at the annual meeting of the American Library Association, July 24-29, Washington, D.C.:

Laura Bonella, Melia Erin Fritch and colleagues, "Hot Topics in Frontline Reference Discussion Group: Tick Marks, Tally Marks, Mouse Clicks - Oh My! Why We Count What We Count," panel discussion.

Bonella, Jason Coleman, Fritch and colleague, "Climbing the Ladder to Success: Using Students Workers for Face-to-Face and IM Reference."


Amy Hubbell published "Dual, Doubled, and Divided Selves: Women Writing Between Algeria and France," in This "Self" Which is Not One: Women's Life-Writing in French, eds. Natalie Edwards and Christopher Hogarth, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010.

Emma Betz presented "Reported Speech in Different Varieties of German: Marking the Right Boundary of a Quote through Syntactic Pivot Constructions" and with colleague "Invoking Interactional History in the Face of a Problematic Action: Address Terms in German and English Conversation," International Conference on Conversation Analysis, July 4-8, Mannheim, Germany.