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Kansas State University

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Lauren W. Ritterbush and Brad Logan published "No Thread of Evidence -- White Rock, Western Oneota and the Kansa: Comments on 'A Return to Glen Elder' by James O. Marshall," The Kansas Anthropologist, Vol. 30.


Nancy Morrow exhibited her work in "Insatiable: Our Rapacious Appetite For More," Kniznick Gallery,Brandeis University, Jan. 25-March 15, Waltham, Mass.

Morrow also exhibited her work in "A Woman's Work is Never Done," A.I.R. Gallery, curated by Susanne Altmann, Jan 5-30, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Kevin Blake published "Review of 'Historical Atlas of the American West' by Derek Hayes," Montana: The Magazine of Western History, Vol. 60, No. 4.

Melinda Daniels and colleagues published "The River Discontinuum: Beavers (Castor Canadensis) and Baseline Conditions for Restoration of Forested Headwaters," Bioscience, Vol. 60, No. 11.

Daniels and colleagues presented "Fish Community Response to Habitat Alteration: Impacts of Sand Dredging in the Kansas River," 71st Midwest Fisheries and Wildlife Conference, Dec. 12-15, Minneapolis, Minn.

Kendra K. McLauchlan and colleagues published "Topographic and Ungulate Regulation of Soil Carbon Turnover in a Temperate Grassland Ecosystem," Global Change Biology, Vol. 17.

Douglas Goodin, Charles Martin and colleague published "Landuse Change in Upper Kansas River Floodplain: Following the 1993 Flood," Natural Hazards, Vol. 55.

Shawn Hutchinson, colleague and student published "Designing a Local-Scale Microsimulation of Lesser Grain Borer Population Dynamics and Movements," chapter 10, GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Three: Invasive Species, S. Clay, ed., CRC Press: Boca Raton, Fla.

Stacy Hutchinson, Shawn Hutchinson and student presented "Rapid Soil Erosion Assessment Modeling for Predicting Gully Locations on Military Training Lands," Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium and Workshop, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, Washington, D.C.

Richard Marston and colleagues published "Watershed Morphology of Highland and Mountain Ecoregions in Eastern Oklahoma," The Professional Geographer, Vol. 63, No. 1.

Marston has completed his 12th year as co-editor-in-chief of the Elsevier journal, Geomorphology.

Lisa M.B. Harrington presented "Sustainability, Stakeholders and Moving Forward," University of North Carolina-Greensboro department of geography, Dec. 2.

Harrington presented "Conceptions of Sustainability," University of Alabama department of geography, Jan. 11.

Harrington has been appointed to the scientific board of the Annals of the University of Oradea Geography Series.

Marcellus Caldas has been appointed to the editorial board of The Professional Geographer.

Caldas was appointed editor of the newsletter of the Conference of Latin-Americanist Geographers.


Leo Lo presented "Perspectives from a New Professional: My Experience as an ALA Emerging Leader," Library Leadership and Management Association Leadership Development seminar, American Library Association Midwinter Conference, Jan. 7-11, San Diego, Calif.


Joseph M. Craine, biology; Kendra K. McLauchlan, geography; and colleague published "Widespread Coupling Between the Rate and Temperature Sensitivity of Organic Matter Decay," Nature Geoscience, Vol. 3.

The following faculty members presented at the Kansas Natural Resources Conference, Jan. 20-21, Wichita:

Melinda Daniels, geography, and student, "Influence of Grazing Treatments on Stream Geomorphology in the Flint Hills."

Craig Paukert, biology; Daniels, geography; and students; "Influence of Sand Dredging on Fish Communities in the Kansas River."

Walter K. Dodds, biology; Daniels, geography; and students; "Effects of Bison and Prescribed Fire on Prairie Stream Sediments."

Shawn Hutchinson, geography; Stacy Hutchinson, geography; and colleagues, "Monitoring Military Training and Sustainability at Fort Riley, Kansas, in Real- or Near-Real Time Using Geospatial Techniques and Automated Sensor Deployments."


Donald Saucier, colleagues and students presented "The Effects of Rejecting False Feedback on Mood and Prejudice Toward Outgroup and Ingroup Members"; "Honor, Aggression and Masculinity as Predictors of Men's Sport Perceptions and Experiences"; "Examining The Relationships Between Religiosity and Sexual Prejudice in Helping Scenarios"; "Re-Examining the Form and Function of Superstition"; "Rape Myth Consistent Information and Gender Differences in Rape Victim Perceptions: A Meta-Analysis"; "Outgroup Homogeneity Effects in Perceiving Individuals with Disabilities"; "Spanning the Political Divide: Why Are Liberals and Conservatives Prejudiced Toward Different Groups?"; "Effects of Exposure to Anti-Gay Humor on Individuals' Tolerance of Discrimination"; and "Flying Without Wings: Re-Examining Individual Differences in Imaginative Involvement"; annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Jan. 27-29, San Antonio, Texas.


Jerry Jaax presented "Agricultural Infrastructure Challenges," International Biosafety and Biocontainment Symposium-Animal Production and Protection: Challenges, Risks and Best Practices, Feb. 6-9, Baltimore, Md.