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Kansas State University

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Mick Charney presented "Looking for Mr. Wright and Finding Him on Facebook," 9th annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Jan. 6, Honolulu, Hawaii. He also chaired the session "Education Technology."


Lisa Harrington presented "Sustainability, Stakeholders and Moving Forward," University of North Carolina at Greensboro, department of geography, Dec. 2.


The following faculty members presented at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting, Dec. 13-17, San Francisco, Calif.:

Charles (Jack) Oviatt, Joel Spencer, Yuxin Fan and students, "New Data on The Late Pleistocene History of Lake Fluctuations in The Sevier Desert, Utah."

Joel Spencer and colleagues, "Luminescence Studies of Age and Thermometric Properties in an Active Earthquake Zone: SAFOD Phase III Core Samples and Resetting Experiments."

Spencer, student and colleagues, "A New High-Resolution Chronology of Megadrought Following the Medieval Climatic Anomaly and Little Ice Age in the Central Great Plains, USA."

Spencer, student and colleagues, "Late Cenozoic N-S Shortening Across the Central Garlock Fault in Pilot Knob Valley, Calif. -- Implications for Structural and Kinematic Relations with the Panamint Valley Fault System."


Brenda McDaniel, psychology; Evan Allen Eason, American ethnic studies; and students published "'Reaching for the Stars' and 'Looking Down from a Pedestal': Do Discrepancies Between the Self and Positive or Poor Role Models Influence Emotional Adjustment?" Personal Construct Theory and Practice, Vol. 7.

Saugata Datta, geology; Ganga M. Hettiarachchi, agronomy; and students presented "Biogeochemical and Hydrological Controls in Mobilizing Se in a Saline Wetland Environment," American Geophysical Union fall meeting, Dec. 13-17, San Francisco, Calif.


Amanda Murdie was selected as a Featured Repression Scholar by selects scholars whose work is "path-breaking" for this distinction.


Ronald Downey and student presented "Report of Work-Family Issues of Classified Employees of Kansas State University," Assessment Council News, International Personnel Assessment Council, Vol. 12.