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Kansas State University

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Mick Charney has been appointed to a three-year term on the education committee of the College Art Association of America.


Jeffrey S. Hornsby presented the keynote speech "Creating an Organizational Architecture to Facilitate Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation: An Integration of Research," Strategic Entrepreneurship: Bringing Organization Design and Micro-foundations Into the Field, Nov. 11-12, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Mike Sanderson presented "Cattle Biosecurity I. Cow/Calf and Feedlot," United States Animal Health Association annual meeting, Nov. 14, Minneapolis, Minn.

David Anderson presented "Surgical Management of Ocular Disease in Cattle"; "Cesarean Section in Llamas and Alpacas"; and five scientific posters, World Buiatrics Congress 2010, Nov. 14-18, Santiago, Chile.

Hans Coetzee presented "Biomarker Validation: Substance P and Pain," Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Workshop program, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists meeting, Nov. 14, New Orleans, La.


Sally Bailey presented "Researching Brain-Based Concepts in Drama Therapy Without a Brain Scanner," and hosted a showing of the documentary "12 Angry Lebanese" at the National Association for Drama Therapy Conference, Nov. 5, White Plains, N.Y.


The following K-State faculty presented at the Geological Society of America annual meeting, Oct. 30-Nov. 3, Denver, Colo.:

Saugata Datta, student and colleagues, "Stable Isotopic Evaluation of Arsenic Hotspots and Low As Areas in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India."

Datta, student and colleagues, "Understanding Heterogeneity in Sediment Geochemistry in Contrasting Groundwater Arsenic Bearing Environments in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India."

Datta, student and colleagues, "Solid Phase Arsenic and Iron Speciation in Sediment Core Samples Collected From Three Villages in an As-Affected District of West Bengal, India."

Datta, student and colleagues, "Selenium Speciation and Mobilization in a Controlled Wetland System: Pariette Wetlands, Utah."

Datta, student and colleagues, "Surface Water and Sediment Geochemistry in Understanding Mobility of Nitrates in Mesic Kansas Grassland."

George Clark, "Organic Matrix Preservation in Trilobite Cuticles From The Lower and Middle Paleozoic."

Mathew Brueseke and colleague, "Volatility of Metal(Loids) and The Geographic-Geochemical Zonation of Tertiary Epithermal/Epizonal Ores in Western USA."

Brueseke, student and colleague, "Oxygen Isotope Constraints on Voluminous Mid-Miocene Effusive Silicic Magmatism in North-Central Nevada."

Brueseke and student, "Petrography and Identification of Eocene Ash-Flow Tuffs in the Vicinity of the Jarbidge Mountains, Nevada.

Brueseke and colleagues, "Geochemical and Geochronologic Constraints for Evolution of Epithermal Au-Ag Veins of the Northern Great Basin: New Data from Midas, NV."

Brueseke and colleague presented "The Case for the Mantle-Epithermal Connection in Western USA," Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society, Nov. 1, Denver, Colo.


Robert D. Linder published "Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation: Luther's Personality and Drive Were an Important Factor in the Spread of His Ideas, as Were the Ideas Themselves," World History: The Modern Era, ABC-CLIO, 2010, online, Nov. 11.


Melinda Cro presented "Jean Erart and the French Pastourelle: The Interplay of Text, Spectacle and Sound," South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Nov. 5, Atlanta, Ga.