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Kansas State University

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Peter Magyar's submission for the international competition "House for Johann Sebastian Bach," was published on ICARCH Gallery (, click on Competitions, then Recent Competitions).

Richard Gnat presented "Flip Your Field," 2010 American Collegiate Schools of Architecture fall conference, Oct. 15, Chicago, Ill.


Joel Spencer, student and colleagues presented "Geomorphology and Activation Chronology of the Arkansas River Dune Field" and "Combining Absolute Dating of Alluvial Fans with Soil Characteristics to Investigate Spatial and Temporal Variability of Slip Along the Central Garlock Fault – Pilot Knob Valley, California," Geological Society of America annual meeting, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, Denver, Colo.


The following faculty members presented at the American Collegiate Schools of Planning meeting, Oct. 7-9, Minneapolis, Minn.:

Huston Gibson, "Foreclosure Resale Market and the Implications on Affordable Housing Provision."

Jae Hong Kim, "Assessing the Macroeconomic Effects of Reactive Land Use Controls: A Simulation Study."

Larry Lawhon, "Loveland, Colorado, Case Study: A Twenty-Five Year Experiment in Development Impact Fees."

LaBarbara Wigfall, "A Vision for Historic Nicodemus, Kansas: A Creative Methodology for Renewing a Rural Town."

Jason Brody served as an invited discussant for a session.

Gibson presented "Schools and Communities: School Facilities and Housing Choice," annual meeting of the American Planning Association Kansas Chapter, Oct. 7, Manhattan.

The Riley County Vision 2025 Committee was selected to receive the 2010 "Pioneer (Small Town/Rural)" award at the annual meeting of the American Planning Association Kansas Chapter in Manhattan, Kan. Lorn Clement was a regular participant in the Riley County Vision 2025 Committee as a member of the Riley County Planning Board.


Laura Kanost presented "A Translation in Every Cereal Box: Conversations on the Past, Present, and Future of English-Spanish Translation in U.S. Children's Literature," annual conference of the American Translators Association, Oct. 27-30, Denver, Colo.

Kanost published "'Por camino torcido': Liminal Identities in the Novel, Screenplay, and Film Versions of La negra Angustias," Good Bandits, Warrior Women, and Revolutionaries in Hispanic Culture, Tempe, Arizona: Bilingual Review Press, 2010.


The following faculty members presented at the annual meeting of the Peace Science Society, Oct. 22-23, Fort Worth, Texas:

Sam Bell, Amanda Murdie and colleague, "Neighborhood Watch: Spatial Effects of Human Rights INGOs."

Andrew Long and Bell, "Trade and the Use of Force."

The following faculty members participated in the annual meeting of the Inter-University Seminar for Civil-Military Studies, Oct. 15-17, Toronto, Canada:

Dale Herspring presented "Military Culture and Civil-Military Relations, the American and Canadian Cases."

Herspring chaired the panel "Civil and Military Relations."

Murdie presented "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Curvilinear Effect of Civil-Military Conflict on International Crisis Outcomes."

The following faculty members participated in the 2010 annual meeting of International Studies Association-Midwest, Nov. 5-7, Saint Louis, Mo.:

Murdie was a chair/discussant for the panel "Negotiating Peace."

Murdie was a roundtable participant, "Strategies for Success in Scholarship and Publication."

Craig Stapley presented "Democracy and Disasters: Do Democracies Do a Better Job?"

Stapley presented "Targeting the Good Guys: Terrorist Attacks on Non-Governmental Organizations."