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Kansas State University

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Bob Larson presented "How Practicing Veterinarians Interact With Clients and Suppliers When Choosing Veterinary Products," National Agri-Marketing Association meeting, Aug. 20, Kansas City.


Bimal Paul presented "Sidr Warning Dissemination and Evacuation Efforts: Lessons for Cyclone Managers," 2009 Business and Applied Sciences Institute for Bangladesh, July 31-Aug. 2, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Richard Marston was elected to the Council of the American Geographical Society, July 2009.


Robert D. Linder presented "'After Us, The Deluge': A Religious Glimpse of Obama's New America," Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University, Aug. 19, Sydney, Australia.

Linder presented "Reluctant Warriors Who Gave Their Last Full Measure of Devotion: Three Unsung Australian Heroes of World War II," Royal Australian Air Force Chaplains' annual conference, Aug. 20, Glenbrook RAAF Station, Australia,

Linder presented "Reluctant Warriors Who Steadfastly Served: The Religious Dimension of Australian Sacrifice in World War II," Australian Defence Force Headquarters, Aug. 25, Canberra, Australia.


Bikram Gill and former student published "Genome Comparisons Reveal a Dominant Mechanism of Chromosome Number Reduction in Grasses and Accelerated Genome Evolution in Triticeae," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online Early Edition, Aug. 24-28.