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Kansas State University

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Design coverKorea's top publication for designers has named K-State's interior design program among the top 15 design schools in the world. K-State is the only public university in the U.S. on the list.

Design Journal's special August 2009 report listed 15 schools, dividing them out by whether they were in the U.S. or England. K-State held honors in the U.S. along with Yale University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Rhode Island School of Design and the School of Visual Arts of New York.

"It is an honor to be recognized on the international platform for the exceptional interior design program we have here at K-State," said Jana Hawley, head of K-State's department of apparel, textiles and interior design. "The hard work of our faculty and students has resulted in this select reputation. We hope that with this recognition, we will begin to see more Korean students as part of our student mix."

The report includes an interview with K-State's Hyun-Chang Kim, assistant professor of apparel, textiles and interior design. Kim was born in South Korea and is an expert on Asian interiors.