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Kansas State University

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Philip Nel presented "Was the Cat in the Hat Black?: Seuss and Race in the 1950s," Dartmouth, May 18, Hanover, N.H.


Saugata Datta and colleagues presented "Geochemical and Mineralogical Contrasts Between Low and Very High Arsenic Affected Areas in Murshidabad District, West Bengal, India," AS 2010, Third International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment: Arsenic in Geosphere and Diseases, May 17-21, Tainan, Taiwan.


Lester Loschky and colleagues presented "Broadening the Horizons of Scene Gist Recognition: Aerial and Ground-based Views"; "Attention Modulates Gist Performance Between Central and Peripheral Vision"; and "Scene Masking is Affected By Contrast of the Blank Screens with the Target and Mask at Short SOAs (The Sequel)," 10th annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, May 7-12, Naples, Fla.