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Kansas State University

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Douglas Dow presented "Florentine Confraternal Decorative Programs in the Age of Reform: Apostolic Imagery at the Oratories of San Giovanni Battista dello Scalzo, Santissima Annunziata and Gesù Pellegrino," annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, April 8-10, Venice, Italy.


Ken Harkin presented "Current Concepts in Adrenal Disease of the Dog, Parts 1 and 2"; "Canine Leptospirosis"; "Anemias and Thrombocytopenias in Dogs and Cats, Parts 1 and 2"; "Hypercalcemia in Dogs and Cats"; "Fever of Unknown Origin"; "Difficult Vomiting Cases in the Dog"; and "Lymphatic Disorders of Dogs and Cats," 2010 Central Veterinary Conference East, April 10-12, Baltimore, Md.


Richard Marston presented the Howard Hibdon Honorary Lecture "Land, Life, and Environmental Change in the Himalaya," University of Central Missouri, April 5, Warrensburg, Mo.

The following K-State faculty members presented at the 2010 Association of American Geographers annual meeting, April 14-18, Washington, D.C.:

Kendra McLauchlan, "Thirteen Decades of Foliar Isotopes Indicate Declining Nitrogen Availability in Central North American Grasslands."

Marcenus Caldas, "The Political Economy or Sugarcane Expansion: The Case of the Brazilian Savanna."

Bimal Kanti Paul, "Human Injuries Caused By Bangladesh's Cyclone Sidr: An Empirical Study"; and "Human Injuries Caused By Bangladesh's Cyclone Sidr: An Empirical Study."

John A. Harrington, "HDGC Plenary Panel Showcasing Human Dimensions Scholarship. Part I: Rural Areas"; "Growth in Awareness and Ways of Knowing: Two Important Constraints on Advancing Climate Literacy"; and "Reflections From Members of the AAG Delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen."

Thomas Vought, "Defining, Measuring, and Monitoring the Sustainability of Military Training Lands."

Kevin Blake, "Postcards of The Crown Jewel of Rock V Mountain National Park."

Stephen E. White, the interactive short paper session, "GCLP 2010 KANSAS OGALLALA REGION, part of the interactive short paper "'Global Change and Local Places' Revisited."

Ben Champion, "Beyond What's the Matter With Kansas?: Gov. Sebelius Goes to Washington in a Time of Climate Governance."

Max Lu, "Socioeconomic Transition, One-Child Policy and China's Changing Demographic Landscapes."

Marston, "Department Budgets and Financial Strategies in Today's Economic Climate"; and "Contributions To Geography: Remembering Gary Gaile."

Doug Goodin, "Land Cover Information From Object Spatial Properties."

Lisa M. Butler Harrington, "LNG, Public Opinion, and Decision-Making: Conflict in Oregon."

Melinda D. Daniels, "Redefining the Dam Removal Paradigm in Formerly Glaciated Forested Headwater Systems."


Elizabeth Fallon and Andrew Kaczynski presented "Do Neighborhood Attributes Influence Transtheoretical Model Constructs for Physical Activity?" Society of Behavioral Medicine annual conference, April 8, Seattle, Wash.


Leo Lo presented "The Study of the Screenplay: A Worthwhile Venture?" National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations annual conference, April 2, St. Louis, Mo.

Donna F. Ekart published "Adding an 'E' to Free," Computers in Libraries, Vol. 30, No. 2.

Antoinette Satterfield presented "Non-Gov Docs Librarians and Government Information: Taking a Look at a Few of The Many U.S. Government Websites with Valuable Information That Citizens Commonly Request," Kansas Library Association annual conference, April 8, Wichita.

Lis Pankl presented "The Romantic Ideologv Of Wilde Mess Ill Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire," 2010 Association of American Geographers annual meeting, April 14-18, Washington, D.C.


Amy Hubbell presented "Rewriting Ruins: Deconstructing the 'Nostalgeric' Attachment to Homeland," Northeast Modern Language Association annual conference, April 10, Montreal, Canada. She also organized and chaired sessions on Nostalgia in French and Francophone Literature.


The following K-State faculty members presented at the 115th annual meeting of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools/The Higher Learning Commission, April 10, Chicago, Ill.:

Ruth Dyer and Brian Niehoff, office of the provost; and Steven Hawks, office of assessment; "Making the VSA and the College Portrait Work for You."

Frederick Burrack and Hawks, office of assessment; "Closing the Loop: Using Data to Improve Academic Programs."

Shawn Hutchinson, geography, presented "Remote Sensing Techniques to Assess Vegetation and Training Land Condition" for the U.S. Army's Range and Training Land Assessment Distance Learning Program, April 8. Co-authors of the presentation were Tom Vought, geography; Stacy Hutchinson, biological and agricultural engineering; and colleagues.


Amanda Murdie
and colleague published "Problematic Potential: The Human Rights Consequences of Peacekeeping Interventions in Civil Wars," Human Rights Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 1.

Jeffrey Pickering and Emizet F. Kisangani published "Diversionary Despots? Comparing Autocracies' Propensities to Use and to Benefit from Military Force," American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 54, No. 2. This is the first time any current or retired K-State faculty has appeared in this prestigious journal.

Dale Herspring presented "Russia Under Medvedev," symposium at Southern Methodist University, April 9, Dallas, Texas.

The following K-State faculty members presented at the annual Midwest Political Science Association meeting, April 22-25, Chicago:

Sam Bell, "Strategic Transparency: The International Economic Incentives for External Transparency and Internal Opacity"; and chair and discussant for the panel "Diversionary Conflict and Regime Type."

Ethan Bernick and colleague, "State-Level Rules and Local Decisions to Contract Out: Exploring the Interactions."

Brianne Heidbreder and colleague, "Do Female Governor's Speak in a 'Different Voice?'"

Murdie, students and colleagues, "Public Opinion Regarding Human Rights Ideals: The Conditional Influence of INGOs"; "The Human Right to Work: Policy Diffusion and HIV/AIDS"; and "Shaming Where it Counts: The Effects of Human Rights INGOs on Foreign Aid."

Murdie, discussant for the panels "Social Network Analysis, Networked Governance, and Network Theory" and "Human Rights: Domestic and International Imperatives."


Satoris Culbertson
and colleagues presented "An Examination of Work-Family Conflict: Initial Impact Versus Exposure Time Effects," annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, April 8-10, Atlanta, Ga.

Brenda McDaniel presented "Fostering Better Relationships: Exploring Early Childhood Influences and Moral Emotional Development"; "Moral Role Models: Impact and Influence on Youth Development"; and "Microaggressions and Covert Language in The Dialogues of Multicultural Classrooms," 56th annual Southwestern Psychological Association conference, April 8-10, Dallas, Texas.


Harald Prins and Bunny McBride's book "Indians in Eden," has won a Literary Award (Honorable Mention) from The Maine Writers & Publishers Association.