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Vikas Berry and colleagues presented "pi-pi Functionalization of Graphene: Avenue for building Ultra-sensitive Graphene BioSensors" and "Bacterium Wrapping with Graphene for Non-Destructive TEM Imaging and Raman Enhancement," American Physical Society meeting, March 15-19, Portland, Ore.


Michael W. Babcock presented "Transportation Impacts of Increased Ethanol Production: A Kansas Study," 51st annual meeting of the Transportation Research Forum, March 11, Washington D.C.


Marcelus M. Caldas and colleagues published "Settlement Formation and Land Cover and Land Use Change: A Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon," Journal of Latin America Geography, Vol. 9, No. 1.

Caldas and colleagues published "Doing it for Themselves: Direct Action Land Reform in the Brazilian Amazon," World Development, Vol. 38, No. 3.

Bimal K. Paul and colleagues published "Cyclone Evacuation in Bangladesh: Tropical Cyclones Gorky (1991) vs. Sidr (2007)," Environmental Hazards, Vol. 9.


Saugata Datta and colleagues presented "Use of Near-Edge- X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Speciate Manganese in Airborne Particulate Matter from Six Cities in Continental USA," American Association for Aerosol Research 2010 International Specialty Conference: Air Pollution and Health, March 22-26, San Diego, Calif.


Elisabeth Pankl, Danielle Theiss-White and colleague edited the book "Recruitment, Development, and Retention of Information Professionals: Trends in Human Resources and Knowledge Management."


Angela Powers presented "Ethics of Journalism and Responsible Press," Kuwait Journalists' Association, March 8, Kuwait.


Amy Hubbell presented "How the Pieds-Noirs Remember Algeria," department of classical and modern languages, Truman State University, March 15, Kirksville, Mo.

Maria Martinez-Ortiz presented "Fantasy and Myth in 'Pan's Labyrinth,'" Magic and the Supernatural: An Ethos Project, March 16, Salzberg, Austria.


Craig B. Parker presented "Herbert L. Clarke in Canada: New Perspectives," annual conference of the Society for American Music, March 20, Ottawa, Canada. He also directed the society's brass band and was a solo cornetist at the conference.


Lester Loschky and colleague published "The Natural/Man-Made Distinction is Made Prior to Basic-Level Distinctions in Scene Gist Processing," Visual Cognition, Vol. 18, No. 4.


Brad Logan and Lauren Ritterbush presented "Oneota and Central Plains Tradition Interaction: Prospects for Evidence of Contact from the East End of Warne, Lovewell Reservoir, North-Central Kansas," 32nd annual Flint Hills Archaeological Conference, March 19, Perryton, Texas.

Harald E.L. Prins and colleagues published a revised edition of "Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge."

Prins published "Blackfoot War Art: Pictographs of the Reservation Period, 1880-2000," a book review in Visual Anthropology Review, Vol. 29, No. 2.

Prins presented "Exploring Structural Power," Lunds Universitet, March 15, Sweden.

Prins presented "How History is Changing the World; Land Claims and Native Rights in Courtrooms," Malmö Högskola, March 16, Sweden.

Prins presented "Warriors from Turtle Island Invade German-Occupied Normandy" and chaired "Aboriginal Art in Transition," 31st American Indian Workshop, Univerzita Karlova, March 26, Prague, Czech Republic.