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Kansas State University

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recyclebigFor the second year, K-State is competing in the 10-week national Recyclemania program, a friendly competition among colleges and universities that aims to promote recycling on campus. So far the campaign has collected 111,911 pounds of recyclable materials, which is 4.5 pounds per person at K-State. Campuswide totals are updated weekly at

Several K-State groups are currently participating in the program including the Students for Environmental Action and the K-State Green Campaign.

During Recyclemania, K-State is focusing on recycling:
* mixed paper (white and colored);
* letterhead;
* index cards;
* white forms;
* computer paper;
* cardboard;
* newspapers;
* plastic pop bottles;
* aluminum cans; and
* food waste from campus housing and dining.

Year-round, K-State also recycles magazines, wooden pallets, phone books and seasonal directories, rubber bands and shredded paper.

Items K-State does not recycle include: adhesives, garbage, bright fluorescent paper, wrap from reams of paper, binders, brown envelopes, carbon paper, paper towels, food tape, food wrappers and plastic/styrofoam cups.

More information about recycling at K-State is available at