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Warren Beard presented "Primary and Delayed Primary Closure"; "Closure of Wounds Under Tension and Special Case Wounds"; "Equine Wounds: Case Presentations"; "Second Intention Healing"; "Casts in Wound Healing"; and "Second Intention Healing: Case Presentations"; Midwest Veterinary Conference, Feb. 26-27, Columbus, Ohio.

Hans Coetzee presented on pain assessment and management in cattle, Western Veterinary Conference, Feb. 18, Las Vegas, Nev.


Doug Powell and students published "Government Management of Two Media-Facilitated Crises Involving Dioxin Contamination of Food," Public Understanding of Science, Feb. 5.


Richard Marston published "Geomorphology and Vegetation on Hillslopes: Interactions, Dependencies and Feedback Loops," Geomorphology, Vol. 116, No. 3-4.

Marston presented "Meander Bends on the Move," to the department of geography at Texas A&M University, Feb. 19, College Station, Texas.

Marston and former students published "Antelope Hills"; "Arbuckle Mountains"; "Boston Mountains"; "Coastal Plain"; "Cookson Hills"; "Eastern Lowlands"; "Glass Mountains"; "Great Plains"; "Great Salt Plains"; "Kiamichi Mountains"; "Osage Plains"; "Ouachita Mountains"; "Ozark Plateau"; "Quartz Mountains"; "Shawnee Hills"; "Wichita Mountains"; and "Winding Stair Mountains"; Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, eds. D. Everett, L. O’Dell, L.D. Wilson and J.D. May, Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Lisa Harrington and Bimal Paul have been appointed to three-year terms on the Applied Geography Conferences Board of Directors, 2010-2012.

Doug Goodin, Shawn Hutchinson and colleagues published "A Habitat-Based Model for the Spread of Hantavirus between Reservoir and Spillover  Species," Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 260.

Goodin and colleagues published "Sympatry of 2 Hantavirus Strains, Paraguay, 2003-2007," Emerging Infectious Disease. Vol. 15.

Goodin and colleagues published "Microhabitat Characteristics of Akodon Montensis, a Reservoir for Hantavirusa, and Hantaviral Seroprevalence in an Atlantic Forest Site, Eastern Paraguay," Journal of Vector Ecology, Vol. 34.

Hutchinson and colleagues published "Connectivity of the American Agricultural Landscape: Assessing the National Risk of Crop Pest and Disease Spread," BioScience, Vol. 59, No. 2.

Chuck Martin published "Recent Changes in Heavy Metal Storage in Flood-Plain Soils of the Lahn River, Central Germany," Environmental Geology, Vol. 58.


Derek Hillard published "Poetry as Individuality: the Discourse of Observation in Paul Celan," Bucknell University Press, 2010.


Joseph Aistrup and colleague published "Kansas Politics and Government: The Clash of Political Cultures," University of Nebraska Press, March 2010.


Ronald Downey and colleagues "Personal Factors Impacting College Student Success: Constructing College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI)," College Student Journal, Vol. 44.