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Kansas State University

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Allan Goodman's photos were selected for a Merit Award and a Gold Award in COLOR Single Image Contest 2010. His images will be published in the special issue of COLOR magazine, March 2010.


The following K-State faculty members presented at the Western States Veterinary Conference, Feb. 14, Las Vegas, Nev.:

David Anderson, "Surgical Restoration of Breeding Bulls"; "Surgical Restoration of Breeding Cows"; "Field Management of Fractures in Cattle"; and "Surgical Management of Lameness in Cattle."

Robert Larson, "Heifer Development"; "Synchronization Protocols in Heifers and Mature Cows"; "Nutritional Development of Heifers"; and "Using and Interpreting Diagnostic Tests in Cow-Calf Herds."


Bimal Paul and student published "Applications of Participatory Research Methods in a Post-Disaster Environment: The Case of Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh," Participatory Research Methodologies: Development and Post Disaster/Conflict Reconstruction, eds. A. Ozerdem and R. Bowd, Burlington, Ashgate Publishing Company, Vermont.

Lisa Harrington published "The U.S. Great Plains, Change, and Place Development," The Next Rural Economics: Constructing Rural Place in a Global Economy, eds. G. Halseth, S. Markey and D. Bruce, CABI International, Oxfordshire, England.


Brett Esry and colleagues published "Magnetically Controlled Exchange Process in an Ultracold Atom-Dimer Mixture," Physical Review Letters Vol. 104, No. 5.