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Kansas State University

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Mike Apley presented "What Antibiotics Do in Cattle: Clinical Effects of Antibiotics (What Difference Do You Really Make), Post-Treatment Intervals, Time to Effect, Adverse and Synergistic Interactions"; "Antibiotic Resistance, Your Practice and Public Perception: Does it Affect How You Should be Doing Things in Mid-America?"; "Cowside Diagnosis and Prognostication: Discarded, Available and In-Development"; "Pain in Food Animals: Measurement, Intervention and What’s Going on Around the World (and What Can we Expect Here)"; and "Drug Use Regulations and Legislation Affecting Your Practice: PAMTA, Cephalosporin ELDU Prohibition, VCPRs and Distribution, Ballot Initiatives…"; Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association, Jan. 21, Kearney, Neb.

Apley presented "Susceptibility Testing and Antibiotic Selection;" "What Do Antibiotics Do?"; "Pain in Food Animals – Research and Applications"; and "Regulations and Legislation Affecting Your Food Animal Practice"; Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, Jan. 30, St. Charles, Mo.


Neil Dunn presented the panel discussion "Dance Musicians as Choreographers," International Guild of Musicians in Dance 20th Anniversary Conference, Jan. 14-17, University of Arizona, Tucson.


Elizabeth Dodd published the essay "Refugium," The Laurel Review, Vol. 32, No. 2.

The following K-State faculty presented at the Modern Language Association's annual convention, Dec. 29, Philadelphia, Pa.:

Don Hedrick, "Shakespeare's Journey from Dialogue to Conversation."

Karin Westman, "Voldemort Versus Mr Bunnsy: Degrees of Metafictive Danger in J.K. Rowling and Terry Pratchett."

Wendy Matlock presented "The Elusive Carpenter in 'The Debate of the Carpenter's Tools: Family and Labor in a Craftsman's Household,'" Annual Gender and Medieval Studies Conference on Gender and the Family, Jan. 8, Birmingham, England.

Kim Smith gave a reading from his novel "Missing Persons," Writer's Place, Dec. 11, Kansas City, Kan.

Katy Karlin's "Muscle Memory" received Special Mention in the competition for the 2010 Pushcart Prize.


Kevin Sauer has been appointed to the Dietetic Practice Audit Committee of the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association.


Mark Barnett and students presented "Children's Anticipated Responses to Hypothetical Peers with Undesirable Characteristics: Role of Peers' Desire to Change, Effort to Change and Outcome" and "Perceptions of Mothers and Children in Various Work-Family Situations," meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Jan. 28-30, Las Vegas, Nev.