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Kansas State University

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Sally Bailey and colleagues presented the workshops "SOMK-IT: Speak Out for Military Kids Interactive Theatre Project" and "This is Your Brain on Drama Therapy," National Association for Drama Therapy Conference, Nov. 6-8, White Plains, N.Y.

Bailey published the chapter "Recovering Identity and Stimulating Growth Through Drama Therapy," The Use of The Creative Therapies with Chemical Dependency Issues, ed. Stephanie L. Brooke, Charles C. Thomas publisher.


Elizabeth Dodd published "Dead Reckoning," review of "A Sunday in God Years" by Michelle Boisseau, Tar River Poetry, Vol. 49, No. 1, Fall 2009.

Dodd published "The Ekphrastic Poem" in "The Working Poet: 75 Writing Exercises and a Poetry Anthology," ed. Scott Minar, Pittsburgh, Autumn House Press, 2009.

Tanya González published "Art, Activism and Community: An Introduction to Latina/o Literature," Ethnic Literary Traditions in American Children's Literature, eds. Michelle Pagni Stewart and Yvonne Atkinson, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

Don Hedrick published a review of Diana Henderson's "Alternative Shakespeares 3," Review of English Studies, Vol. 60.

Tim Dayton chaired the session "Slavery and Capitalism in the U.S. South" and presented "'Love and Arms and Song:' Romantic Anticapitalism in the Poetry of Alan Seeger," Sixth Historical Materialism annual conference, Nov. 27-29, London.

Dayton presented "American Poetry, the Historical Materialism of Ideology, and the Great War," Marxism in Culture Seminar, University College, Nov. 25, London.

Hedrick moderated the "Shakespeare Division" session, Midwest Modern Language Association, Nov. 13, St. Louis.

Hedrick presented "Productive Boredom," Rethinking Marxism Conference, University of Massachuesetts, Nov. 7, Amherst, Mass.

Philip Nel presented "Obamafiction for Children: Imagining the Fourty-Fourth President," American Studies Association annual meeting, Nov. 6, Washington, D.C.

Karin Westman presented "Children's Literature and Modernism: A Case Study," at the seminar "Modernist Studies Without Modernism," 11th Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference, Nov. 5, Montreal, Canada.

Dodd’s "Disorder" was listed as a Notable Essay of 2008 in "Best American Essays," selected by Robert Atwan, series editor, Boston, Mariner Books, 2009.


Robert D. Linder published "Two Godly Diggers: Life and Death in France in World War I," O Valiant Hearts, eds. Sue Pacey and Daryl Lightfoot, Sydney, Ferguson Memorial Library, 2009.


The following K-State faculty published chapters in "Library Data: Empowering Practice and Persuasion," ed. D. Orcutt, Santa Barbara, Libraries Unlimited:

Danielle Theiss-White, Jason Coleman and colleague, "Moving Beyond the Hash Mark: Capturing the Whole Reference Transaction for Effective Decision Making."

Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, "Yielding to Persuasion: Library Data's Hazardous Surfaces."


The following K-State faculty presented at the 30th annual conference of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Nov. 21-23, Boston, Mass.:

Gary Brase and colleague, "Predicting Health-Related Risk Behaviors With Delay Discounting And Time Perspective Measures."

Brase, "Parsing the Cognitive Stream: Partitioning of Events as a Factor in Judgments Under Uncertainty."

The following K-State faculty presented at the 50th annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Nov. 19-22, Boston, Mass.:

Brase, "Big Number Effects in Direct Numerical Comparisons."

Lester Loschky, Richard Harris, student and colleagues, "Effects of Stress, Working Memory Capacity, and Inferential Complexity on Foreign Language Reading Comprehension."