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Kansas State University

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Ulf Meyer
was a master speaker and presented "Sustainable Architecture" at Greenbuild 2009, Nov. 13, Phoenix, Ariz.


David Procter
participated in a briefing before the U.S. House Hunger Caucus Nov. 4 in Washington, D.C. Procter was at the briefing to highlight the work of K-State’s Rural Grocery Store Initiative, a project designed to address rural food deserts and sustain grocery stores in Kansas rural communities.


Mark Hollingsworth
published "Calcite Biocomposites Up Close," Science, Nov. 27.


Greg Grauer
presented "Modulating the Progression of CKD: ACEI and Beyond," at chapter meetings of the Veterinary Medical Association, Nov. 10 and 11, Kerrville and New Braunfels, Texas.

Michele Borgarelli presented "Screening Guidelines for the Dilated Cardiomyopathy" ; "The Hypokinetic Heart: Is It Always a Dilated Cardiomyopathy?" ; and "Natural Hystory and Prognosis for Dogs Affected By Chronic Mitral Valve Disease." International Meeting on Canine and Feline Cardiovascular Diseases, Dec. 10, Naples, Italy.


Tim Steffensmeier
and William J. Schenck-Hamlin published "Argument Quality in Public Deliberation," Argument and Advocacy, Vol. 45, No. 1.


Florence Neymotin has been invited to present "The Economic Impact of the Dropout: Now and Then" to members of the New Mexico Legislature at The New Mexico Dropout Rate: Contributing Factors and Implications for Policy, a Family Impact Seminar, Dec. 3-4, Albuquerque, N.M.

Neymotin's paper "Immigration and its Effect on the College-Going Outcomes of Natives" was also cited in the Editor's Choice section of a recent edition of Science.


Chairat Chuwonganant
and colleague published "Cleaning House: Stock Reassignments on the NYSE," Journal of Financial Markets, Vol. 12, No. 4.


The following K-State faculty members published in "Sustainable Communities on a Sustainable Planet: The Human-Environment Regional Observatory Project," eds. B. Yarnal, C. Polsky and J. O'Brien, Cambridge University Press:

John A. Harrington Jr. and colleagues, "Comparative Assesment of Human-Environment Landscape Change"; "Landsat Mapping of Local Landscape Change: The Satellite-era Context"; "Infrastructure for Observing Local Human-environment Interactions"; and "Lessons Learned From the HERO Project."

Lisa M.B. Harrington, Max Lu and John Harrington, "Fossil Water and Agriculture in Southwestern Kansas."

Lisa Harrington, Lu and colleagues, "Rapid Vulnerability Assessments of Exposures, Sensitivities, and Adaptive Capacities of the HERO Study Sites" and "Evaluating Vulnerability Assessments of the HERO Study Sites."

Bimal K. Paul and colleagues presented "Post-cyclone Sidr Illness Patterns in Coastal Bangladesh: An Empirical Study," Dealing with Disasters 2009 International Conference, Nov. 11-12, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Paul presented "Factors Influencing the Evacuation Decision: The Case of 2007 Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh," a special presentation organized by Central Department of Geography, Tribhuvan University and the Nepal Geographical Society, Nov. 15, Kiritpur, Kathmandu, Nepal.


David Wetzel
, keynote speaker, presented "From Routine Quantitative Near Infrared Analysis in the Mid-1970s to 2009 Indium Antimonide Focal Plane Array Chemical Imaging," joint session of the International Near Infrared Spectroscopy Conference, Nov. 8-13, Bangkok, Thailand.


The following K-State faculty members participated in the NAFSA: Association of International Educators regional conference, Oct. 26-30, Albuquerque, N.M.:

Stacey Bailey and Sara Thurston González, presented "F-1 Student Advising - Intermediates."

Thurston-González presented "Third Culture Kids/Global Nomads-College Choice and Reentry."

Bailey presented "Regulatory Roundtable."

Maria Beebe served as conference planner.

Rose Redington and Lindsey Brubaker presented "Innovative Ideas for Enhancing Study Abroad Student Services on a Reduced Budget."

Redington presented "Best Practices: Health and Safety in Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs."


The following K-State faculty presented at the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition, Nov. 4-7, Charleston, S.C.:

Ellen Urton, Regina Beard and Adam Wathen, "Dangerous Liaising: Moving from 'Ownership' to 'Access' in the Academic Library."

Wathen, "Delivering the Goods: Understanding the Academic Library Supply Chain."


Chunju An
, biochemistry; Kristin Michel, biology; and student published "Discovery of Plasmodium Modulators by Genome-wide Analysis of Circulating Hemocytes in Anophelesgambiae," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences online early edition, Nov. 23.


Charlie Nutt
was the invited keynote speaker in Tokyo, Japan for a symposium Nov. 7-8 on academic advising and student success. The symposium, attended by representatives from 15 universities across Japan, was the first in the country focused on academic reform and student success in Japan.


Matthew I. Palmatier and colleagues published "Bupropion and Nicotine Enhance Responding For Nondrug Reinforcers Via Dissociable Pharmacological Mechanisms in Rats," Psychopharmacology, Vol. 207.