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Kansas State University

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Mick Charney
presented "Decoding Disney: How to Translate Imagineering Tricks into Teaching Strategies" and chaired the session "Visual Arts," 8th annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Jan. 15, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Greg Grauer
presented "Clinicopathologic Evaluation of Renal Function/Disease"; "Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats"; "Lower Urinary Tract Disease in Cats"; and "Micturition Disorders in Dogs and Cats"; Maine Veterinary Medicine Association Meeting, Jan. 6, Portland, Maine.

Dan Thomson presented the keynote address "Raising Beef for a First World Country," Iowa Cattlemen's Conference, Jan. 5, Ames, Iowa.



Richard Marston presented the poster "Spatial Extent, Timing and Causes of Channel Incision, Black Vermillion Watershed, Northeast Kansas," American Geophysical Union, Dec. 15, 2009, San Francisco, Calif.


Mary T. Copple presented "Following the Path: How Temporal Reference Reflects Semantic Extension," Current Evolutions of Romance Tenses Workshop, Dec. 18-19, 2009, Aston University, Birmingham, England.

Amy L. Hubbell presented "(Re)turning to Ruins: Pied-Noir Visual Returns to Algeria," Visualising the Franco-Algerian Relationship Since 1954 Conference, Jan. 7, University of Manchester, Manchester, England.


Susan Allen, director of nonviolence, gave an expert interview for "Teach Boldly!: Letters to Teachers about Contemporary Issues in Education," by Mary Cain Fehr and Dennis Earl Fehr. She is featured in the chapter "Nonviolence: A Philosophy and Method for Teaching Boldly." Peter Lang Publishers Inc., New York, 2010.