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Kansas State University

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Lauren Ritterbush and Brad Logan published "A Late Prehistoric Bison Processing Camp in the Central Plains: Montana Creek East (14JW46)," Plains Anthropologist.

Logan presented "A Matter of Time: The Temporal Relationship of the Central Plains and Oneota Traditions," 67th Plains Anthropological Conference, Oct. 16, Norman, Okla.; and completed a five-year term as book review editor for Plains Anthropologist.


Marco Margiocco presented "Quality Cardiology in Everyday Practice," Kansas Veterinary Medical Association Northwest District, Oct. 22, Colby.

Bonnie Rush presented "Controversial Topics in Equine Medicine and Surgery," fourth annual conference, Equine Specialty Hospital, Oct. 23, Burton, Ohio.


Michael W. Babcock and colleagues presented "Impact of Kansas Ethanol Production on Kansas Transportation," Kansas Transportation Research and New Developments Council meeting, Oct. 14, Topeka.


Lisa Harrington
published "Rural Resource Management," International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Vol. 9, eds. N. Thrift and R. Kitchin, Elsevier Science.

Lisa Harrington and John Harrington edited "Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences," Vol. 32.

Bimal Paul published "Attitudes Toward Arsenicosis Victims in Rural Bangladesh: An Empirical Study," Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 32.


David Wetzel
presented "Vibrational Spectroscopic Analysis and Chemometrics: From In-Service Short Courses to Collegiate Classes"; "Vibrational Microspectroscopic Imaging of Functional Groups in Individual Native and Chemically Modified Starch Granules," with colleague; and "Endosperm Discrimination of Isogenic Wheat Via FT-IR Microspectroscopic Imaging and Lipid Extract MS," with colleague; at the 36th Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies conference, Oct. 18-22, Louisville, Ky.


Robert D. Linder
presented "Prospects for Research in American Religious History," fourth annual conference of the Western Fellowship of Professors and Scholars, Oct. 17, Manhattan Christian College, Manhattan.


Katie Kingery-Page
presented "Green Stormwater Management in a Suburban Landscape," International Federation of Landscape Architects 2009 Congress, Oct. 21-23, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Dale Herspring
presented the keynote speech "Military Culture and Civil Military Relations," 12th annual meeting of the Great Plains Political Science Association, Oct. 17, Sioux City, Iowa.

Herspring was named to the editorial board of the Ibidem Book Series, "Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society."

Jeffrey Pickering was named to the editorial boards of International Studies Perspectives and Foreign Policy Analysis, both journals of the International Studies Association.