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Kansas State University

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The following faculty took part in the Mountain-Plains Museums Association conference, Oct. 5-9, Cheyenne, Wyo.:

Lorne Render chaired the session "When to Strike the Tents: Should Some Museums Close?"

Kathrine Schlageck chaired the session "The Education Doctor is In."


Kimberly A. With organized "Promoting Landscape Ecology in Latin America and Elseworld: 10 Things Every Landscape Ecologist Needs to Know," an international symposium on topical issues in landscape ecology. The symposium was part of the first congress of the Latin America International Association for Landscape Ecology, Oct. 4-7, Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Greg Grauer presented "Nuts and Bolts of Azotemia"; "Nuts and Bolts of Proteinuria"; "Avoiding Acute Kidney Injury in Your Hospital"; "Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease: Screening Strategies"; "Evidence For Staging and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease"; "Evidence For The Roles of Proteinuria and Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease"; "Hyperthyroidism: View From the Urinary Tract"; "Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease Frustrations"; and "A Simplified Approach to Urine Leakage and Urine Retention"; Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference, Oct. 13-16, Atlantic City, N.J.

Grauer presented "Calcium and Kidneys Hyperthyroidism and the Urinary Tract"; "Lower Urinary Tract Disease"; "Chronic Kidney Disease"; and case studies; Swedish Feline Veterinary Study Group Meeting, Oct. 21-25, Gothenburg, Sweden.

K-State faculty made the following presentations at the annual Technician Conference, Colby Community College, Oct. 2, Colby:

James W. Carpenter, "The Art of Adding Exotic Animals to Your Practice"; "An Introduction to Reptile Radiology"; and "Emergency and Critical Care Techniques in Avian Medicine."

Beth Davis, "Equine Respiratory Disease: A Case-based Approach for the Veterinary Technician."

Marco Margiocco, "The Veterinary Technician in Cardiology Specialty Practice."


Bimal Paul and students published "Disaster in Kansas: The Tornado in Greensburg," Quick Response Report 196, The Hazards Center, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colo.



Abdelmoneam Raef presented "Incorporating Seismic Attribute Variations in the Pre-Drill Site Placement Workflow: A Case Study from Ness County, Kansas," co-authored by Matthew Totten and a former student, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Mid-Continent meeting, Oct. 11-13, Tulsa, Okla.

The following K-State faculty members presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, Oct. 18-21, Portland, Ore.:

Matthew Brueseke, "Geology and Geochemistry of Early Miocene Intermediate Composition Volcanism in Northern Nevada and its Relationship to Regional Tectonomagmatic Processes."

Brueseke and colleagues, "Mid-Miocene Magmatismm and Mineralization in the Northern Great Basin and Oregon Plateau: The Link Between Bonanza Epithermal Ore Deposits and the Yellowstone Hotspot."

Brueseke and student, "Mid-Miocene Volcanism in Northeast Nevada: Spatial, Chemical and Chronologic Significance of the Jarbidge Rhyolite."

Joel Q.G. Spencer, Allen W. Archer and colleague, "Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Young Spit and Bar Deposits From the Rio Tapajos, Brazil."

George R. Clark, "Organic Matrix in the Early Cambrian: Physical Evidence and Significance."

Saugata Datta, student and colleagues, "Geochemistry of Arsenic Hotspots in Murshidabad and Surrounding Areas in West Bengal, India."

Datta and colleague, "Investigation of Astrobiological Potential of Lava Tubes in New Mexico."


Faculty members made the following presentations at the American Association of Cereal Chemists International annual meeting Sept. 13-16, Baltimore, Md.

Hulya Dogan and student, "Effect of Dough Conditioners on Small and Large Deformation Behavior of Wheat Flour Dough."

Jon Faubion, Dogan and student, "Water Absorption and Mixing Behavior of Hard and Soft Wheat Flours with Bran Inclusions."

Faubion, Dogan and student, "The Interactions of Bran with Gluten Proteins During Dough Development Using X-ray Microtomography."

Jeff Gwirtz, Tom Pearson, Dogan and student, "Phase/State Behavior of Wheat Kernels in Relation to Their Milling Performance."

Dogan and student, "Study of Gas Cells During Proofing and Baking Using Bialial Reheology and X-ray Microtomography."

Dogan organized and moderated the symposium, "Advances in Delivery of Food Nutrients - Tailoring Process Operations for Health and Wellness."

Ron Madl held a pre-meeting workshop, "Cellulosic Ethanol: Critical Constraints to Success ."

Dave Krishock was named president-elect for AACC International's milling and baking division.


Roger Adams has been selected as a speaker for the Kansas 150 Speakers Bureau, 2010-2011. His topic is "Flatter Than A Pancake; or, Kansas 'Cuisine.'"


Uwe Thumm and Chang-Hua Zhang published "Laser-Assisted Photoemission From Adsorbate-Covered Metal Surfaces: Time-Resolved Core-Hole Relaxation Dynamics From Sideband Profiles," Physical Review A, Vol. 80, No. 3.

Thumm and colleagues published "Multidimensional Quantum-Beat Spectroscopy: Towards The Complete Temporal and Spatial Resolution of The Nuclear Dynamics in Small Molecules," Physical Review A, Vol. 80, No. 3.