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Kansas State University

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Larry Davis published "Impacts on Agroecosystems of Transgenic Insect and Herbicide Resistance in Cotton," Genetics and Genomics of Cotton, Vol. 3.

Davis published "Tea Roses, Ending the Medel-Fisher Controversy, Genetic Glass Ceiling: Transgenics for Crop Biodiversity," Plant Science Bulletin, Vol. 55, No. 1.

Clinical sciences

The following K-State faculty presented at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum, June 3, Montreal, Canada:

Thomas Schermerhorn, "Anatomy of a Research Project: The Enigma of Feline Carbohydrate Metabolism."

Bonnie Rush, "Clinical Outcome Assessment to Meet AVMA COE Requirements."

Michele Borgarelli, "Mitral Valve Anatomy in Normal Dogs: An Anatomical and Echocardiographic Study."

Greg Grauer, "Upper Urinary Tract Case Discussions."


Michael Babcock presented "Impact of Kansas Ethanol Production on Kansas Transportation," 91st annual Kansas Transportation Engineering Conference, April 14, Manhattan.

E. Wayne Nafziger presented "The Economics of Nigeria's Relentless Conflict" and "The Global Economic Recession," International Seminar on the Strategy of National Security and Development of Science and Technology at the National University of Defense Technology, May 12, China.

Nafziger presented "Graduate Education in Economics at U.S. Universities," National University of Defense Technology, May 13, China.


Don Hedrick published a review of "Alternative Shakespeares 3," ed. Diana Henderson, Review of English Studies, Vol. 60.

Hedrick presented "Shakespeare's Bad Storytellers," Shakespeare Association of America, April 11, Washington, D.C.

The following K-State faculty members took part in the Cultural Studies Association's seventh annual meeting, April 16, Kansas City, Mo.:

Hedrick moderated "The University After Cultural Studies."

Jim Machor presented "Production, Reception, Cultural Studies, and the History of the Book: How Do They Link, and Where Are They Heading?"

Donna Potts published a review of Moya Cannon's "Carrying the Songs," New Hibernia Review, Vol. 13, No. 1.

Potts was elected to serve a second term on the national council of the American Association of University Professors. She represents District II, which includes Kansas and several other states.

A. Abby Knoblauch presented "From Burke to Buffy: Explorations of Writing, Rhetoric and Magic," National Popular Culture/American Culture Conference, April 10, New Orleans, La.

Phillip Marzluf presented "Composing a Site for Diversity," 2009 Higher Learning Commission annual meeting, April 19, Chicago, Ill.

Philip Nel presented "Harry Potter: A Cultural Biography," Great Lives, University of Mary Washington, April 14, Fredericksburg, Va.


Robert Linder presented "God is a Kansas City Royals Fan," during commencement for the Emmanuel House Theological College, May 16, Manhattan.

Horticulture, forestry and recreation

Seong-Hyun Park and Richard Mattson published "Therapeutic Influences of Plants in Hospital Rooms on Surgical Recovery," HortScience, Vol. 44, No. 1.


Danielle Theiss-White was appointed vice-chair of the Association of College and Research Libraries Professional Development Coordinating Committee, 2009-2010.

Michelle Turvey-Welch was appointed vice-chair Library Leadership & Management Association Systems and Services Section, 2009-2010.

Jamene Brooks-Kieffer presented "Take Charge of Your Services Menu with the Simplified Template," Ex Libris Users of North America, May 8, Richmond, Va.

Multiple departments

Kimberly Williams, horticulture, forestry and recreation; Gary Pierzynski, agronomy; and colleague published "Phosphate Sorption of Calcined Materials Used as Components of Soilless Root Media Characterized in Laboratory Studies," HortScience, Vol. 44, No. 2.

James Nechols and David Margolies, entomology; Williams; and colleagues published "Comparing Chemical and Biological Control Strategies for Twospotted Spider Mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Commercial Greenhouse Production of Bedding Plants," Journal of Economic Entomology, Vol. 102.

Nechols; Williams and Ted Carey, horticulture, forestry and recreation; and colleagues published "Comparison of Phenolics in Organically and Conventionally Grown Pac Choi (Brassica rapa L. Chinensis Group)," Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Vol. 89.

Anita Cortez, developing scholars program; M. Duane Nellis and Alfred Cochran, provost's office; presented "Supporting Student Success: Graduating Diverse Students in the Midwest," Higher Learning Commission annual meeting, April 17-21, Chicago, Ill.

Farrell Webb, family studies and human services; and Cortez; published the chapter "Developing Scholars: Targeting Excellence Using the Axiom of Achievement," Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research: Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact, Council on Undergraduate Research, May 2009.

The following K-State faculty members presented at the Conference on Higher Education Computing in Kansas, May 20-21, Wichita:

Tony Hoover, K-State at Salina, "Thwarting Spammers on Wireless."

Eric Dover, Information Technology Assistance Center, "Cloud Computing."

Ernie Perez, Information Technology Assistance Center, "Going Green the IT Way."

Neil Sindicich, Information Technology Services, "SSNs of our Fathers."

Royce Gilbert, Information Technology Services; and Rebecca Gould, Information Technology Assistance Center; "Incident and Problem Management."


Robert Szoszkiewicz and colleagues published "Force-Activated Reactivity Switch in a Bimolecular Chemical Reaction," Nature Chemistry 1.


Mary Cain and colleagues published "The Contribution of the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala to Individual Differences in Amphetamine-induced Hyperactivity," Behavioural Brain Research, Vol. 202, No. 1.

Mark Barnett and colleagues published "Children's Perceptions of and Anticipated Responses to Peers with Various Undesirable Characteristics," Association for Psychological Science, May 2009, San Francisco.

Gary Brase and colleagues presented "Reason and the Passions Are Not Opposed: They Are Domain-Specific," Human Behavior and Evolution Society annual meeting, May 27-31, Fullerton, Calif.

Richard Harris published the fifth edition of his textbook "A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication," May 2009.

Donald Saucier and colleagues published "Justification and Suppression Factors Mediate the Relationship Between Political Orientation and Prejudice," annual conference for the Association for Psychological Science, May 22-25, San Francisco, Calif.