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Kansas State University

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The following K-State faculty members presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, March 22-27, Las Vegas:

Lisa Harrington, "Local Conceptions of Sustainability in the Rural Pacific Northwest."

Kendra McLauchlan, "Ecosystem Response to Changes in Climate and Vegetation During the Holocene: Sediment Records from Deming Lake, Minnesota, USA."

McLauchlan, John Harrington and students, "Climatic Influence on Growth of Quercus Macrocarpa in Northeast Kansas, 1890-2007."

John Harrington, "Coupling Natural and Human Systems: A Methodological Assessment."

Chuck Martin, "Recent Changes in Heavy Metal Storage, Lahn River, Central Germany."

Max Lu, panel session, "Advanced Placement Human Geography: The First Eight Years and Beyond."

Lu, "Red States Vs Blue States: Is There a Culture Divide in the United States?"

Richard Marston and students, "Spatial Extent, Timing, and Causes of Channel Incision, Black Vermillion Watershed, Northeastern Kansas."

Marston, "The Geomorphology Specialty Group After 30 Years: Looking Back, Looking Forward."

Deborah Che, "Practices and Landscapes of Militarization VI: Reflection & New Directions."

Che, panel session, "Defining Chinatown."

Che, panel session, "Publishing Tourism Geography Research."

Che and Bimal Paul, Rebuilding Tornado Leveled Greensburg, Kansas as Greensburg GreenTown: For Whom?"

Paul, "Why So Few People Died? The Case of Bangladesh’s Cyclone Sidr."

Jeff Smith and student, "How Long Do We Have: The Changing Distribution of the Mexican Origin Population in the U.S. Between 2008 and 2050."

Smith, panel session, "TAs, RAs, GREs: Helping Undergraduates Decipher Graduate School."

Karen DeBres, "Greetings from Main Street! Postcards as Tools for Geographic Interpretation."

Kevin Blake, "The Iconic Colorado Fourteeners in the Place Imagery of the Mountainous West."

Doug Goodin and student, "Community Diversity, Landscape Structure, and the Presence of Hantavirus at an Atlantic Forest Site, Eastern Paraguay."


Grain science and industry

David Wetzel and colleagues presented "InSb Focal Plane Array Determines Mixing Uniformity in Formula Feed Production Using an Edible Tracer"; "Processed Mixture Analysis for Ingredient Identity, Concentration and Distribution by Near-IF Focal Plane Array Chemical Imaging"; "Individual Stream InSb Focal Plane Array Imaging Assessment of Unit Operation in Flour Milling"; "Individual Benthic Algal Strands Analyzed by Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy Relate Nutrient Local Uptake to Availability"; "Synchrotron Infrared Confocal Microspectroscopic Imaging of Single Starch Granules with Small Step Sizes Reveals Sites of Chemical Modification"; and "Isogenic Wheat Discrimination via in situ FT-IR Microspectroscopy and Imaging," Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, March 8-13, Chicago, Ill.


Multiple departments

The following K-State faculty presented at the 26th annual Academic Chairpersons Conference, Feb. 11-13, Orlando, Fla.:

Sue Maes, continuing education, "Harnessing the Collaborative Advantage to Address Workforce Demands" and "Simplifying the Grant Writing Process."

Thomas Gould, journalism and mass communications, "A Baker’s Dozen of Issues Facing Online Academic Journal Start-ups."

John Leslie, plant pathology, and Stuart Warren, horticulture, forestry and recreation, "A ‘Vision’ Seminar as a Part of the New Faculty Recruiting Process."

Jan Middendorf, educational innovation and evaluation, "Using Faculty Ratings to Provide Formulative Feedback about the Chair’s Effectiveness."

Angela Powers, journalism and mass communications, "Surviving Program Reviews and Accreditation."