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Kansas State University

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Mick Charney presented "Text, Countertext(*): Helping First-Year Students Meet the Goals of General Education [(*) with apologies to texting and hypertexts]," National Annual Meeting of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, Feb. 8, Orlando, Fla.


Counseling services

Barbara Pearson presented "Qualitative Data: Beyond the Survey, Focus Groups and Retreats," Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grantee meeting, Jan. 9, Phoenix, Ariz.



Keith Miller and Iris Totten published "Developing and Implementing an Interdisciplinary Origins Course at a State University," Journal of College Science Teaching, Vol. 38, No. 4.

Totten will present "Using Virtual Learning Environments to Teach Geoscience," Tulane University, March 2009, New Orleans, La.


International programs

Sara Thurston-González has been appointed to serve NAFSA: Association of International Educators on the Membership Committee for a two year term from January 2009 - December 2010 and as the chair of the NAFSA Career Center Advisory Task Force.



Dale Askey published "The Longer the Hours, the Better: A Look at Opening Hours in American Libraries," BuB: Forum für Bibliothek und Information, Vol. 61, No. 1.

Danielle Theiss-White published "On Institutes and Mentors," A Leadership Primer For New Librarians: Tools For Helping Today's Early Career Librarians To Become Tomorrow's Library Leaders, Eds. Suzanne Byke and Dawn A. Lowe-Wincentsen, Chandos Publishing, 2009.



Kyoungmi Lee presented "When Do People Embrace a Negative Stereotype Targeting Their Group and Deny a Positive Stereotype? A Self-handicapping Process through In-Group Stereotypes," Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference, Feb. 5-7, Tampa, Fla.

Lee presented "How Negative In-Group Stereotypes Affect Consumers Judgment Processes: The Role of Trust in Out-Group Service Providers," Society for Consumer Psychology conference, Feb. 12-14, San Diego, Calif.


Multiple departments

Margaret Margosian and Shawn Hutchinson, geography; Karen Garrett, plant pathology; and Kimberly With, biology, published "Connectivity of the American Agricultural Landscape: Assessing the National Risk of Crop Pest and Disease Spread," BioScience, Vol. 59 No. 2.



Mary E. Cain and colleague presented "Environmental Solutions: Enrichment as a Means of Prevention and Intervention"; and "The Effects of Differential Rearing on Amphetamine-Induced C-Fos Expression in The Basolateral Amygdala and Nucleus Accumbens," 42nd annual Winter Conference on Brain Research, Jan. 24-30, Copper Mountain, Colo.

Donald Saucier and students presented "The Impact of Culture on Social Support, Communication Values, and Coping Strategies"; "Near and Far: How Does Thinking About Ingroup and Outgroup Members' Deaths at Home and Afar Affect Terror Management Responses?"; "Red and Blue: Does Motivation To Control Prejudice Mediate The Relationship Between Political Orientation and Prejudice?"; "Preaching To and Beyond The Choir: Selective Exposure To Prejudice Reduction Efforts"; and "Gender Role Beliefs Mediate Increased Sex Differences in Sexual Prejudice Following Mortality Salience," Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference, Feb. 5-7, Tampa, Fla.

Satoris Culberton published "Improving Performance in a Swedish Police Traffic Unit: Results of an Intervention," Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 37.