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Kansas State University

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Educational leadership

Candi Hironaka, Grace Hwang and Todd Wells presented "The Power of Personal Stories in Teaching Inclusive Leadership" at the Jepson School Summer Institute for Leadership and the Liberal Arts, May 21, University of Richmond, Va.

Grain science

David Wetzel published a 2008 review, "Biomedical Applications of Infrared Microspectroscopy and Imaging by Various Means," in the monograph "Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy" from the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin.

Human nutrition

Koushik Adhikari and colleagues published "Consumer Sensory Test of Seven Varieties of Rice in Osh (Pilaf) at Four Different Locations in Uzbekistan," Journal of Food Quality, Vol. 31.


Dana C. Krueger and colleagues presented "Semiconductor Yield Modeling Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models," Industrial Engineering Research Conference, May 18, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Multiple departments

Tandalayo Kidd and Carol A. Holcomb, human nutrition; and Paula K. Peters, extension; published "Exploring Factors that Influence the Food Behaviors of Junior Enlisted Army Family Members," Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, Vol. 2, No. 2/3.

* * *

Kidd, Larry Simonson, Denis Medeiros, human nutrition; and Elaine Johannes, family studies and human services; published "KNACK Online: An Evidence-based Web Site Developed to Address Adolescent Obesity," Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Vol. 40, 2008.

* * *


Lester Loschky, Richard Harris and students presented "Pronoun Reference in Reading Comprehension is Difficult for Intermediate Foreign Language Learners," Association for Psychological Science meeting, May 22-25, 2008.

* * *

Loschky and students presented "The Superordinate Natural/Man-made Distinction is Perceived Before Basic Level Distinctions in Scene Gist Recognition," Vision Sciences Society Conference, May, Naples, Fla.

* * *

The following K-State faculty presented during the symposium "Aspects of Positive and Health Psychology" at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, May 22-25, Chicago:

Mark Barnett and colleague presented "Parental and Peer Influences on Adolescents' Planned and Spontaneous Helping."

Ronald Downey presented "Critical Perspectives on Occupational Health Psycho-logy: Individual Versus Or-ganizational Responsibility."

Clive Fullagar served as the session discussant.

Andrew Wefald, who chaired the symposium, presented "The Moderating Effect of Engagement on the Relationship Between Employee Age and Turnover Intentions."

* * *

The following K-State faculty members presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, April 10-12, San Francisco:

Andrew Wefald, Ronald Downey and student, "A Path Model of Performance: The Effect of Workload, Work Schedule Satisfaction and Stress."

Wefald, Downey and student, "Employee Engagement: Organizational and Individual Influences."