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Kansas State University

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Family studies and human services

John P. Murray and Ann D. Murray co-authored "Television: Uses and Effects" in the Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development, 2008, Academic Press.


Iris Totten presented "Using Geologic Time Inquiry-Based Activities to Enhance Student Learning in the Introductory Geoscience Labs," National Association of Research in Science Teaching annual conference, March 30-April 2, Baltimore.


Roger Adams presented "Eat, Drink & Be Neelix, or, How to Cook a Targ," Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association annual meeting, March 20, San Francisco.

* * *

Jamene Brooks-Kieffer presented "Why Unlock Your Link Resolver's 'Black Box'? The Answer Lies In Your Strategic Plan," Electronic Resources & Libraries, March 20, Atlanta.

* * *

Dale Askey and Brooks-Kieffer presented "Fast, Cheap & Easy: DIY Library 2.0 Services," Kansas Library Conference 2008, April 9, Wichita.

* * *

Danielle Theiss-White, Askey and Jason Coleman presented "An Introduction to Libstats," Kansas City Metropolitan Library Information Network, April 1, Kansas City, Mo.

* * *

Elisabeth Pankl presented "Romance and the Brutality of Desire: The Fiction of Louise Erdrich," Death, Murder, and Mayhem: Stories of Violence and Healing on the Plains, The 34th Interdisciplinary Great Plains Studies Symposium, April 17, Omaha, Neb.

* * *

Theiss-White and colleagues presented "Learning to Lead: An Online Collaborative Model Developed at the 2007 MPLA Leadership Institute," Association of College and Research Libraries/Library Administration and Management Association Joint Spring Virtual Institute, April 29-30, online.

* * *

Tara Baillargeon, Mohan Ramaswamy and Char Simser published "Uncovering eReference Books: Adapting MARC to Generate Browsable eReference Lists," Library Philosophy and Practice, March 2008.


Anh-Thu Le, Chii Lin and student published "Retrieval of Interatomic Separations of Molecules from Laser-Induced High-Order Harmonic Spectra," Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Vol. 41, 2008.


Gary Brase published "Frequency Interpretation of Ambiguous Statistical Information Facilitates Bayesian Reasoning," Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Vol. 15, No. 2, 2008.

Brase presented "Do Pictures Promote Nested-Set or Frequency Representations in Judgments Under Uncertainty?" Oklahoma/Kansas Judgment and Decision Making Conference, April 2008, Oklahoma City.

* * *

Richard Harris and students published "The Effect of the Amount of Blood in a Violent Video Game on Aggression, Hostility and Arousal," Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 44, 2008.

Sociology, anthropology and social work

Ryan Spohn and colleagues published "Investigating Racial Disparity at the Detention Decision: The Role of Informal Control and Respectability," Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 5, No.2.

* * *

The following K-State faculty presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society, March 27-30, St. Louis:
Spohn and student, "Social Dynamite and Social Control: A Preliminary Examination of Cross-National Incarceration."
Spencer Wood and colleague, "'He Was Non-Violent, But My Boys Weren't!' The Hegemonic Myth of Non-Violence and the Construction of a Black Identity."

Frank Weyher, "Barbalet's Challenge: Max Weber on 'Rationality' and Emotions."