Sheyene Foster Heller

Graduation Date: August, 1999

Degree: B.A. in English (Creative Writing)

Faculty Mentor: Steve Heller, Ed.D., M.F.A.

Research: "Interweaving Dialogues: A Student's Changing View of the Tapestry of Nonfiction"

Post-Baccalaureate Degrees: M.A. in English -- Kansas State University (2001); M.F.A in Creative Writing -- Goucher College (2003)

Professional Bio: Sheyene Foster Heller earned her M.F.A. through Goucher Collegeís low-residency program in creative nonfiction writing in August 2003.  Heller currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches English and creative writing courses online.  She also recently finished her first memoir, Natural Disasters.  Selections from this book have been published in W.W. Nortonís In Brief, Brevity (twice), Nebraska Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Pennsylvania English, American Cowboy, Invisible Insurrections, and elsewhere.  Heller was a recipient of the 2003 AWP Intro Journals Award in Nonfiction, and the piece selected (based on a chapter of her memoir) appeared in Issue 26 of Tampa Review.  Her co-authored interview of Patricia Hampel recently appeared in River Teeth.