James (J.C.) Rivers

Graduation Date: May, 2005

: History

Faculty Mentor: Lou Falkner Williams, Ph.D.

McNair Research: "
Elections in South Carolina 1876-1879: The Process to Protect Voting Rights of African Americans and the Apparatus to Frustrate Elections"

Post-Baccalaureate Degrees:
Master's in Heritage Resources (public history) -- Northwestern State University (2007)

Currently: J.C. writes, "I am working on a heritage history of African Americans in Wabaunsee County, Kansas 1850-1930. As yet, I do not know if it will be fiction or non-fiction. Also, I am now a National Trust for Historic Preservation Diversity Scholar. NTHP is a government organization (part of National Park Service, Dept of Interior), which has responsibility over Heritage American, National Historic Sites, etc."