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Bach's Own St. Thomas Boys Choir of Leipzig

A tradition-rich choir dedicated to the legacy of J.S. Bach.

7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 6
First United Methodist Church, Manhattan, Kan.

Georg Christoph Biller, Thomaskantor and Conductor
Leipzig Baroque Orchestra

Established in 1212, Bach led this choir for 27 years. Together, they premiered countless masterworks that have stood the test of time and will forever remain in the Baroque music lexicon. The St. Thomas Boys Choir continues to be a major cultural and educational institution in Germany, maintaining their own school just a stone’s throw from St. Thomas Church. The choir will tour with the Leipzig Baroque Orchestra, performing two Bach cantatas, Vivaldi's Magnificat (RV 610) and more.

"The master stroke is to import the Thomanerchor…wonderful to hear: unfailingly full of spirit, secure in pitch and beautifully balanced…the beauty and expressivity of that choral sound, literally one of a kind." — The New York Times

Check out the McCain Conversation before the performance.

Sleepless in Eisenach