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Marketing Services

Home page feature guidelines


  1. The purpose of the home page features is to show Kansas State University in a positive light by showcasing awards, research and other exceptional news about the university. 
  2. Feature topics should have a broad appeal and be for an external audience.
  3. Event-oriented features are discouraged. Exceptions may be made for art exhibits, theater and music performances. You are welcome to have your event added to the university calendar by emailing calendar@k-state.edu.

Message Requirements

  1. Please send the administrator the feature image, required text and a website to link.
  2. The image should be 640 x 385 pixels in size at 72 dpi. It should also be saved for the web.
  3. Photographic designs are preferred. Keep graphics and text on the image to a minimum. Logos are strongly discouraged and may not be approved.
  4. Provide a preferred headline and brief copy — no more than a few sentences — for the text box. We reserve the right to edit.
  5. Feature images must be approved by the administrator. Requested changes must be made before the feature will be uploaded to the home page.

Creating Your Message

  1. You may provide your own feature image following the guidelines above.
  2. The Division of Communications and Marketing also can create the feature image for you at no cost. Please contact the administrator no less than 3 weeks before the feature's anticipated start date.


  1. Home page features will be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks unless an exception is permitted. Scheduling is done at the discretion of the home page administrator, and will be based on priority.
  2. Home page features should be sent to the administrator no less then 1 week before the desired start date.

For questions or to request space on the home page contact the administrator, Kim Baccus, at kbaccus@k-state.edu or 785-532-2535.