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Wildcats Leadership for Life

Pilot mentor Program Launch: Interview with Amanda Cebula

SummitWildcats Leadership for Life (WLFL) is a program for Leadership Studies alumni and friends! WLFL was created to help you to stay in touch with what is going on in Leadership Studies by keeping you informed about upcoming events and programs, as well as continuing your education on leadership. WLFL provides opportunities for alumni connections in order to support and develop future generations of Leadership Studies students and programs.

K-State Leadership Studies students indicated a desire for mentors that will help to enhance their growth through professional development, networking, and advice on how to be a leader after college, work-life balance, staying connected to K-State and things to consider when accepting a job. WLFL heard this need and created a new program focusing on upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) who are preparing to enter the career world. Emily Campbell, public relations student coordinator for the School of Leadership Studies, had the privilege of contacting Amanda Cebula, President of WLFL, to find out more about the pilot mentoring program which hit the ground running this spring. Read below to find out more about the WLFL mentor program and how YOU can get involved!

Emily: Why did you decide to help start the WLFL mentor program?

Amanda:Our Alumni Advisory Committee met during the Spirit of Leadership event this past fall and decided we could make the greatest impact as alumni and friends of the School of Leadership Studies (SLS) by selecting a project to work on for the year. We all have a lot of passion and energy around the mission of SLS and decided that we could best contribute by piloting a mentor program. This would allow us to connect with students, live out the SLS mission, and help get alumni reconnected with what is happening on campus.

E: Who has played a key role in getting the mentor program started? 

A:This has truly been a team effort!  Each person on the Alumni Advisory Committee who committed to getting this program going back in September has contributed in some way, whether that was developing the training materials for our mentors and mentees, setting up the structure for the program, promoting the event, answering emails or volunteering to actually be a mentor. We have also really appreciated all of the encouragement and support from the School of Leadership Studies faculty and staff.

E: What are you hoping will happen as a result of the mentor program? 

A: As a result of the mentor program I am hoping for three things. First, that we are able to enrich the lives of the alumni who have volunteered to be mentors. Second, that we can create awareness for the Wildcats Leadership for Life program and bring on board new faces who want to be engaged or re-engaged with the School of Leadership Studies, and third, to support the mission and vision of the School of Leadership Studies.

E: How can interested alumni get involved? 

A: Interested alumni or friends who want to get involved in the mentor program or WLFL can email KStateWLFL@gmail.com or call (352) 672-7302. 

Find out more about the mentor program by visiting: www.k-state.edu/leadership/supporting_leadership_studies/wlfl/mentorprogram.html

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