GrantSince graduation, I have been working for the Missouri Department of Transportation as a Highway Designer in the Kansas City area. My occupation in itself has embodied the teachings of the School of Leadership Studies in being a civil servant by meeting the transportation and safety needs of the KC metro community. I married my wife Alicia in 2009 and we have a daughter named Avery who will be 2 years old in July of this year. The School of Leadership Studies developed my ethical and caring leadership qualities which has guided me as the Youth Minister at Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS. My youth group has already visited the campus of K-State at Open House and plans to return for even more events. The Yahaya family has also been blessed to be part of a yearlong financial makeover sponsored by Community America Credit Union, which started January of this year. We are competing for $10,000 with three other families in the KC metro area. Apart from the chance to win the money, we are role models to the KC area on how to be financially responsible. Follow our progress at to read our weekly blogs on how we apply the lessons that our financial coaches teach us. I am so thankful for the School of Leadership Studies and I can’t wait to visit the Leadership Studies Building again and be in the presence of aspiring leaders.
  • Updated: 5/24/18