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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Alternative Breaks

Alt BreaksAlternative Breaks is an opportunity for students to participate in an intense service experience during their winter, spring, and weekend breaks. Participants travel to communities around the country where they work with local residents to address a pressing social issue. Breaks are open to K-State graduate, undergraduate and international students.

Alternative Breaks focuses on implementing the Service-Learning model. This model challenges volunteers to prepare, act, reflect, and evaluate their service experience. This approach to service tests the simple volunteer mindset and allows students to expand both the community impact and personal growth through service. 

For more information, contact: 

Gabriel Gutierrez and Hannah Schauf
Alternative Breaks Student Coordinators


Break Away MembershipBreak Away

K-State is a member of Break Away. Break Away's mission is to train, assist, and connect campuses and communities in promoting quality alternative break programs that inspire lifelong active citizenship.