Top 10 Neighborly Facts

  • Do not park unlawfully, in a restricted zone, or park overnight on the street. To obtain a parking permit, stop by City Hall 1101 Poyntz Avenue or call (785)587-2480.
  • Keep our neighborhoods looking nice by avoiding “lawn furniture” such as couches and cars.
  • “If you like it, then you better put a leash on it.” Do not allow your pets to run free over the neighborhood.
  • It is illegal to burn old couches or mattresses. If you need to dispose of them, make special arrangements with your trash service or donate them.
  • In order to keep Manhattan safe for all ages, watch your driving speed and do not utilize a cell phone without a hands-free device if you are behind the wheel.
  • Keep the yard mowed to below 12”. Any higher is a violation of city ordinance.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to know the terms of a lease and who is responsible for addressing problems that may arise.
  • Be courteous to your neighbors; keep your music, friends, and parties at a reasonable noise level. Amplified sound such stereos, radios, and musical instruments are restricted after 11pm if they can be heard on neighboring properties.
  • Three’s a crowd; five’s illegal. Only four unrelated persons may live in a dwelling.
  • Trash is one of the most common problems between permanent residents and student neighbors. Keep yards clean and trash in a lidded garbage can.