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Staley School of Leadership Studies


Thanks to our wonderful partnerships both within and out of the Manhattan community, HandsOn Kansas State is able to deeply impact service in the area, and, in turn, be deeply impacted by the service performed. For example, the Staley School of Leadership Studies' community service program activities have impacted over 20 social issues in the greater Manhattan community. Here is a quick summary of our 2012-2013 school year:

• Mobilized 1,365 volunteers that contributed 4,256 hours
• Engaged 737 new volunteers
• 1,463 volunteers referred
• 699 volunteers attended 1-4 volunteer opportunities
• 709 volunteers retained up to a year
• 937 volunteer opportunities offered
• Managed 32 service projects
• Recruited and trained 35 new volunteer leaders who contributed 534 service hours
• 421 hours of volunteer leader training with 105 Volunteer Leaders
• Collaborated with 58 community organizations
• Impacted areas in Elderly/Disabled Seniors, Community/Neighborhood Relations, Youth/School Improvements, Environment, Economic and Disaster Preparation and Services