Program Focus Areas


KsCC aligned the focus of the Careers for the Common Good education objective with regional and federal priority areas to address low achievement in underserved and academically struggling public schools, specifically: A full list of eligible schools in Kansas is available at kscc/programs/americorps_ccg/ eligible_schools.htm. In addition to aligning with regional and federal priority areas for education, Careers for the Common Good is designed to channel student service into high-need schools and to attract qualified teachers to those sites. Evaluation efforts center on the connection between academic service experience in high-need schools and future plans to work in those sites as professionals. KsCC looks to positively impact teacher shortages in underserved schools through Careers for the Common Good.

Allied Health 

Careers for the Common Good Allied Health members strengthen the capacity of community health centers, public hospitals, and other healthcare facilities to serve the public. The state of Kansas is experiencing dramatic shortages of healthcare professionals and public safety professionals, particularly in rural communities. Careers for the Common Good members focus their service in underserved medicine and nonprofit healthcare facilities to strengthen communities and to provide more options and resources around public health and safety.

Community Strengthening/Non-Profits 

Careers for the Common Good members partner with nonprofit, community-based agencies, and organizations to serve local needs. Members address pressing community concerns, such as domestic violence, human services, food and nutrition, homelessness, and environmental issues. Members provide direct services in nonprofit organizations and also focus their efforts on volunteer recruitment, training, and management.



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