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Staley School of Leadership Studies


Colby Haverkamp


Email: colbyhav@ksu.edu

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Leadership Studies

Hometown: Silver Lake, KS

Why Ambassadors:

I chose ambassadors because I was told about the opportunity from my class leader as a freshman, and it quickly became the major outlet that allowed me to become involved on campus in a major way for the first time. I decided to stick with the program, because of those that had preceded me and the amazing example in which they not only led a great organization, but by how they lived their everyday lives. I still strive to follow in the footsteps of these many successful individuals. Furthermore, I have come to have such a passion for Leadership Studies as a whole, and the program has given me countless abilities and opportunities I would have never even dreamed of when I arrived at Kansas State.

Favorite Leadership Studies memory:

Narrowing it down to one memory is extremely difficult, but I would have to say my favorite memory thus far was applying my concepts I have learned over the past few years and applying them while participating at the International Leadership Association Student Case Competition. It was a real testament to what can be accomplished by our students through collaboration and application of the concepts taught throughout our program, and how Kansas State offers a intelligent and progressive approach to the idea of the concept of leadership.

Favorite Leadership quote:

"How does the individual relate to the collective, how is the individual's experience and conduct influenced by the collective, and how does it feed back to the collective?" - Nelson Mandela