Operations Executive

Mackenzie Lutz

Email: malutz@ksu.edu

Major: Marketing

Minor: Leadership Studies

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Why Ambassadors?
I wanted to become an ambassador because freshman year I fell in love with the School of Leadership Studies. LEAD 212 was the very first class I had as a college student here at Kansas State. I immediately was drawn to the energy of the school, most of which stemmed from the faculty and students who were around the building so often. I really got a lot from the Strengths lesson in LEAD 212 and because of that saw a lot of potential for personal growth. I was able to see how everything I was learning in my classes could be applied to all aspects of my life and that really stood out to me. My class leader was a part of ambassadors and talked about how great his experience as well as encouraged me to apply. I am so happy to be a part of this organization because I have met some of the most passionate people I have met at K-State because of it.

Favorite Leadership Studies memory

It is hard for me to pick just one of my favorite memories from ambassadors. One of my favorites is each year having the chance to work at the K-State Open House at the Leadership Studies Building. Getting to work along with other ambassadors and interact with students excited to learn about leadership studies is a lot of fun. Another one of my favorites was when we went bowling in the K-State union as a group. I always enjoy our social events as ambassadors and getting to spend time with all of the wonderful people involved in the organization.

Favorite Leadership quote:

"I think leadership comes from integrity – that you do whatever you ask others to do. I think there are non-obvious ways to lead. Just by providing a good example as a parent, a friend, a neighbor makes it possible for other people to see better ways to do things. Leadership does not need to be a dramatic, fist in the air and trumpets blaring, activity." -Scott Berkun