Courses (12 credit hours)

LEAD 510: Foundations of Community-Engaged Leadership - 3 credit hours

This course integrates leadership theory and practice exploring principles, purposes, and processes of community engagement and democratic practice. Utilizing service-learning methods students will partner with community to consider and examine foundational forms of civic and public life. Community paradigms will be explored and deconstructed in relation to course themes. 

LEAD 520: Approaches to Community-Engaged Leadership - 3 credit hours

Through theory and practice students consider, examine, and problematize the ethical dimensions of leadership in relation to community systems, organizations, and institutions. Students will deconstruct concepts of community-engaged leadership including race, class, gender, justice, and power. Through service-learning, students will work with partners to understand community systems, organizations, and institutions.

LEAD 560: Experiences in Community-Engaged Leadership - 6 credit hours 

In this capstone experience students design, plan, execute, and evaluate a community-engaged research project. The project will be consistent with the principles of community engagement and the purposes and process of democratic practice. Students will exercise leadership with community partners to build capacity for systemic change.