Academic Requirements

The Leadership Minor is Changing! Please look here for the latest information. Information on this page should be accurate to the new changes.

Students will complete the four core classes for the Leadership Studies minor (see Course Requirements) and the following electives:


LEAD 420: Theories of Nonprofit Leadership (3 credit hours) 

This course provides an overview of nonprofit organization leadership by integrating concepts and theories with applied practice. Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of competencies (knowledge and skills) necessary for professional success as a nonprofit organization leader. (Prerequisites: LEAD 212 and 350)

LEAD 499: Nonprofit Organization Internship Seminar (3 credit hours) Human-Diversity Ethical-Reasoning

This course provides a capstone opportunity for students in the nonprofit leadership focus to analyze, discuss, document and present their achievement of the competencies, personal traits, and deep sector-specific knowledge, and to critically reflect upon their nonprofit organization internships required for successful completion of the nonprofit focus. (Prerequisites: LEAD 212, 350, 405 and 420)