Recent Changes to the Leadership Studies Minor


In April 2014 the School of Leadership Studies made a few changes to the leadership studies minor which affect both the standard and nonprofit focus. Leadership Studies has always been student focused, and student feedback is what constantly keeps our minor changing. Did you know that the addition of LEAD 350: Culture and Context and the addition of the words “diverse” and “inclusive” were changes to our mission statement driven by students? The current changes were driven by students wanting to further explore the ethical dimensions of leadership. Below you will see the specific changes to the curriculum as well as information on how to contact an advisor. We welcome you to come visit with us individually about how these changes impact your graduation plan.


Description of Changes

  • The leadership studies minor (standard and nonprofit focus) has decreased from 18 credit hours to 16 credit hours.
  • LEAD 450: Senior Seminar has increased from 2 credit hours to 3 credit hours. This increases the core courses from 9 credit hours to 10 credit hours.
  • LEAD 450: Senior Seminar will now include ethical dimensions of leadership in the curriculum.
  • The elective requirements have been reduced from 9 credit hours to 6 credit hours.
  • The three elective categories (ethics, theories, and foundations) have been combined into one large list. Students will now choose 6 credit hours from this broad list. No elective courses have been eliminated from the list.
  • LEAD 502: Ethical Dimensions of Leadership is no longer a required elective for the nonprofit focus.
  • Several courses previously listed under the topics number LEAD 502 now have permanent numbers. Those include:
    • LEAD 251 Honors Leadership I (formerly Citizenship and Stewardship)
    • LEAD 252 Honors Leadership II (formerly Humanitarianism and Purposeful Passion)
    • LEAD 312 Peer Leader Practicum (formerly Class Leaders)
    • LEAD 320 Theories of Leadership
    • LEAD 489 Seminar in International Service-Learning (formerly International Teams)


How Does this Affect Me?

  • All students will move to the new curriculum effective Fall 2014.
  • Students who have taken either, but not both, LEAD 450: Senior Seminar or LEAD 502: Ethical Dimensions of Leadership prior to Fall 2014 should contact Lori Kniffin, immediately for advising. We have independent study options for you to complete the other course since the courses offered Fall 2014 and after would duplicate your curriculum.
  • Nonprofit students can eliminate LEAD 502: Ethical Dimensions of Leadership from your required electives.



As always, we have Leadership Studies Advisors available to visit with you individually. Students are not assigned to a specific advisor. Instead, we have advisors ready with times in their calendar to meet with you. To sign up for an appointment, please contact our main office by coming to room 103 Leadership Studies by calling 785-532-6085.


For advising in the summer or for graduating seniors, please contact Lori Kniffin,