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Staley School of Leadership Studies
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3 September, Labor Day

22-23 November, Thanksgiving 


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3 September, Labor Day 
19-23 November, Thanksgiving 


Celebrating Service and Leadership is an annual event hosted by the Staley School of Leadership Studies that recognizes outstanding students and campus and community partners. This annual event honors those that have demonstrated exceptional service, leadership, and civic engagement at K-State, in the Manhattan community, and beyond.

Celebrating Service and Leadership
Sunday, April 29, 2018
4-6 PM
Leadership Studies Building                                                                         

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Throughout the evening the following awards were presented. Follow each link to see our award winners and learn more about their impact in our community. 

Pat J. Bosco Leadership Studies Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Nonprofit Leadership Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Outstanding Civic Engagement Award

Volunteer and Service Recognition: Celebrating People in Action

Susan M. Scott Community Leadership Award

Candi Hironaka Outstanding Class Leader Award

Past Awards

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